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Think Your Company Can Survive On Third Party Sites Alone? Think Again!

Startups can be time killers. Tasks and responsibilities pile-up while the business owner desperately attempts to keep up. Out of necessity, the business owner must prioritize tasks. Oftentimes in this process creating a website is pushed aside while more vital tasks are ironed out. A company website can be important to your company’s success. Here are a few signs that you might want to create a company website.



Lots of Customer Questions

Customer phone calls and emails are a sign that you’re getting your name out there. Just keep in mind that receiving too many messages can be a sign that your company needs to do a better job spreading information to your customers.


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Remember: you might not be able to answer every phone call and email. Don’t lose customers because they don’t know how to find you or what you sell. A company website is an easy solution to get information about your company out there.


Advertising Campaigns Not Drawing In Customers

Have you been spending all your hard earned money on television commercials, radio spots, magazine ads, and newspaper ads? Are you still not receiving customers? This could be because these traditional means of advertising are not as effective as they once were. Ask yourself when the last time was, you listened through a commercial? Or paid attention to a newspaper or magazine ad? According to “Social Media: The New Hybrid Element of the Promotion Mix” internet campaigns are more effective because people make their purchasing decisions by browsing the internet.


By creating a well-designed website, you can start a cost effective marketing campaign. You can do this by starting a Facebook and Twitter account for your company. Post regularly and engage with your community. You should also attempt to get popular websites and blogs in your area to link to your site. This will drive traffic to your site.  


Website Design

Once you decide to start building your website, you will need to decide how you will build it. You will need to select an open-source content management system to build your website with. A possible option is called Drupal. Drupal is flexible software that is secure, easy to modify, and easily read by search engines. There are of course other programs you can use. Make sure you do the proper research before your final decision.


If you don’t have the web design skills to create a website you may want to hire someone familiar with web design or website developer familiar with Drupal (or your chosen web builder program). There are companies that offer website development services, but if you are on a budget, I would recommend putting an ad up on craigslist. You’ll want to find an IT guy or gal that has the web design skills, but lacks the experience to ask for a high price. You’ll get a website, and they’ll gain experience. Win. Win.


Jared WhiteheadJared Whitehead spends his free time helping out at a fledgling non-profit.






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