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5 Copywriting Tips For Small Businesses

by Charles Mburugu



When it comes to marketing, web copy is a very important element. Web pages which have well-written copy will attract more visitors, retain their attention and result in higher conversion rates. Here are some great copywriting tips which will help you create more brand awareness and enhance your sales. They can be applied by copywriters in all fields, whether a financial copywriter, fashion copywriter or travel copywriter.


1. Make it personal

Copy is usually more effective when it is written as if it is addressing one person, and not a huge audience. Since such copy is more personal and intimate, it enables you to establish a more meaningful relationship with your reader. However, before writing the copy, you should first take time to get familiar with your prospect. Learn more about his interests and needs. Speak in a language and style that will appeal to him. When the reader senses your empathy, they are more likely to read on to find solutions.




2. Reduce resistance

In any situation where people are required to sign up for a mailing list or buy a product, there is usually resistance. Most people are reluctant when it comes to submitting their contact details or giving away their money. Therefore, you need to write your copy in a way that lowers this resistance. For instance, rather than using the word ‘Submit’ for your call to action, it would be advisable to use ‘Sign up for free’. In addition, you can boost your conversion rates by adding the words ’60-day money-back guarantee’ right below your ‘Buy Now’ button. Prospects are likely to be less resistant when they perceive that their risks are minimal.


3. Focus on benefits

When people read your copy, they don’t really want to know the technical features of your product. Instead, they are interested in how exactly they will benefit from it. Therefore talk less about the features and functionalities of the product and focus more on the potential benefits. Show your visitors how using your product will change their lives. Give them a good reason why they should buy from you and not the competition.




4. Retain visitors’ attention

Once a visitor lands on your web page, your work is to keep them there as long as possible until they read your copy and take the necessary action. To prevent them from leaving immediately, you need to ensure that your copy is compelling enough. Make sure your main headline addresses a specific problem which the visitor might be dealing with. You can use a bold and controversial statement which will grab their attention. Use the first paragraphs to explain the problem further and give a hint of what you have to offer. Being able to identify with their needs will make visitors want to learn more.


5. Elicit curiosity

Provoking curiosity is a very important element of effective copywriting. The main aim of your leading headline should be to convince readers to read the introduction. The subsequent paragraphs and sub-headings should capture the attention of your visitors and keep them reading until the end. The secret to keeping your readers on your pages is to continuously provoke their curiosity. Don’t divulge every detail all at once. Just give a little taste and reveal more gradually as the page unfolds.



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