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12 Cities That Are Perfect For Expanding Businesses



What is the next hot region/city entrepreneurs should focus on when expanding their businesses?


1. Nashville

Sam Davidson“Whether you’re looking to hire top young talent, grow your business with a passionate base of customers or expand what you’re doing in an affordable way, Nashville is the place. A friendly city, a hip vibe and an entrepreneur-friendly climate make Nashville one of the best when it comes to taking your ideas or businesses to the next level. I’m now working on launching my fourth company from here.”

Sam Davidson, Cool People Care, Inc.




2. Phoenix

Brett Farmiloe“Phoenix is the home of the call center. Infusionsoft and Yelp are two tech companies that have a large presence in Arizona and base their businesses on call centers. If phone calls are a part of your business expansion, check out Real estate is cheap, and when you’re talking about “hot regions,” it doesn’t get any hotter than Phoenix. “

Brett Farmiloe, Digital Marketing Agency




3. Indianapolis

Kristian Andersen“Indianapolis may just be the best city in the country to launch a startup. When it comes to access to capital, talent and support, I’m not sure any city is doing it better. Indy boasts over 150 tech startups, multiple co-working facilities and a huge support infrastructure. If you are working in the marketing technology and/or enterprise SaaS arena, Indianapolis needs to be on your short list.”

Kristian Andersen, KA+A





4. Atlanta

Darrah Brustein“Atlanta is the perfect place to start a business! With a low cost of living, the largest airport, an involved city government and Chamber of Commerce, such a large college community and a fast-growing tech scene, it’s ripe for new endeavors! “

Darrah Brustein, The Betwixer





5. Washington, D.C.

Danny Boice“Washington, D.C. has the community, the talent, the hunger and the investment infrastructure necessary to be one of the premier go-to cities for startups now and in the coming years. Come for the cherry blossoms, and stay for the innovation!”

Danny Boice, Speek





6. Austin

Jay Wu“Entrepreneurs who are planning to expand a business into a new region or city should focus on Austin because it is an area with economic growth and a greater amount of potential than other cities. Austin offers networking opportunities for small businesses and several venture-capitalist options, which provide creative funding solutions when it is time to move forward in a business.”

Jay Wu, A Forever Recovery




7. Seattle

Adam-Schoenfelded-e1375968961336“The Pacific Northwest is ripe for business. Home of proven enterprises such as Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon, Seattle now boasts hot IPOs such as Tableau Software and a large, supportive startup community. We’ve recently seen companies including Twitter and Facebook open offices to take advantage of the top talent and no state income tax. “

Adam Schoenfeld, Simply Measured




8. Las Vegas

Andy Karuza“I know, it’s just getting started, but Tony Hsieh and the city seem pretty committed to getting startups down there, as well as giving them the support they need. More importantly, it’s off everybody’s radar, so you’ll get much more support from the local community than you would being just another number in San Francisco. Las Vegas is also a hub for travel, so if your idea is good, it just might not stay in Las Vegas.”

Andy Karuza, brandbuddee




9. London

Laura Roeder“I recently relocated from Los Angeles to London. So many small business owners forget that there is a larger world out there beyond America! The Internet makes it outrageously easy to go global with your business — whether you provide a service, information or physical products. Expand your borders beyond your own country. “

Laura Roeder, LKR Social Media




10. Australia

Eli Ostreicher“Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are all Australian cities full of ambitious blood and forward thinkers. In this AdWords and Facebook Internet age, successful conversions are no longer limited to major or local U.S. cities, and the Aussi business world is booming.”

Eli Ostreicher, Regal Wings





11. Orlando

Tom-Cannon“Orlando, Fla. is one of the cheapest places in the nation to launch a business. When we opened our doors in late 2009, we got things up and running without a huge investment of capital. We bought our 4,000-square-foot warehouse at a 50 percent discount, and all of our expenditures were bought at a discount. Local leaders and organizations here embrace entrepreneurship in a big way. “

Tom Cannon, BungoBox




12. Pittsburgh

Phil Laboon“I might be biased, but I think Pittsburgh is a place to watch out for. Large tech companies such as Google, UPMC and PNC are growing fast, and tech startups are coming out of the woodwork. Couple that with the fact that Pittsburgh has been at the top of Forbes’ list of “Most Livable Cities” every year, you can’t deny that there is some real potential and opportunity here.”

Phil Laboon, Eyeflow Internet Marketing



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