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Charitable Entrepreneurs Make Good Neighbors

Maybe business has been kind, and you’re in the mood to give back to your supportive community. Maybe you remember the early days of your company when you had to hunt for bargain equipment, and you want to make life easier for your fellow bootstrapping entrepreneurs. Perhaps your power consumption gives you worry for the health of our planetary abode. Or maybe all the accumulated gadgetry in the office has finally collapsed and trapped one of your co-workers…



Whatever the reason, today is always a good day to donate electronic clutter. Besides the positive karmic surge any company can surely use that comes with being charitable, there are numerous immediate benefits to donating old gadgets and computers. To name just a few:


  • Deserving nonprofits can fulfill their missions with the assistance of the right products
  • Community improvement is healthy for all local companies
  • The environment is spared more waste
  • Cleared excess inventory
  • New business partnerships and strengthened community ties
  • Goods receive a second life in the hands of grateful users
  • Tax breaks

OK, cynics, maybe parting with aging technological marvels gives you an excuse to buy the latest, most innovative, shiny tools that we all delight in so much. Rather than hoard or trash yesterday’s gizmos, there are a number of charitable programs and organizations to consider.



Formerly Gifts In Kind International, Good360 donates technology to schools and nonprofits. If you’re in the giving mood but don’t have any cash to spare, this is a great philanthropic option. Good360’s mission is help nonprofits meet all their technology needs and stay current with social media developments by way of corporate donation.


Banking giant JPMorgan Chase has partnered with Good360 to recycle over 75, 000 desktops, monitors, laptops, and printers over the last three years. In the coming year, Good360 will distribute another 3,000PCs outfitted with new hard drives, courtesy of Chase.



If you’re interested in clearing more than electronics, Freecycle is a nonprofit movement worth checking out. Freecycle is a network of local groups run by community volunteers, committed to keeping stuff (computers, office equipment, even household wares) in circulation and out of landfills. Over 5,000 groups of more than 9 million members have signed on to the Freecycle effort. Use the site’s search engine to find out what groups are operating in your neighborhood here.



Dell and Goodwill have partnered to create the Reconnect program. Reconnect recycles most computers and computer equipment in any condition. They determine if they can use the entire system, parts, or simply salvage raw materials such as glass, plastic, and metals. The partners are working to expand the program nationwide. Find out if your nearby Goodwill offers a participating drop off location here.



eBay Giving Works

If you’re in the position where you still need to eek some value from your technological tools but have the giving urge, eBay Giving Works presents a friendly solution. This charity eBay lets you sell your goods, and then donate the amount of proceeds that you care to contribute. eBay reduces its selling fee to match the percentage of the sale you donate.


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Author : Keith Liles

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