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5 Strategies For Treating Business Travel Like A Vacation

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by Sumi Krishnan


Think back to your first business trip as an entrepreneur.


“I would go to dinner, but I’ll be out of town for work this weekend,” you said to your friends. You probably even added a subtle eye roll — a façade of nonchalance that hid your secret excitement for a vacation you could call “work.”


The moment the plane’s wheels touched the pavement, you didn’t care about the 10-hour workday ahead of you because it meant you had another 14 hours to explore a new city.


Now, fast forward to your last business trip. Was your apathy genuine this time when you told friends you had to travel? Did the thought of navigating a new city give you a headache instead of butterflies?


For many entrepreneurs, the passion for travel often fades with time, but it doesn’t have to. I firmly believe that entrepreneurs should be able to enjoy business travel at all stages and be so passionate about their business that it doesn’t feel like they’re working at all.


Use these five strategies the next time you jet set to revive your travel bug:

1. Seek Fun Beforehand

You wouldn’t wait until the plane landed to plan your business itinerary, so why wait to plan your fun itinerary?   


By doing research beforehand on the city’s best attractions — or, if you’ve been there before, new places to try —you can make the most of your trip. Research attractions you might like on TripAdvisor, and check out Groupon and LivingSocial deals. Planned and paid for — what could be better?


2. Construct a Personal Budget

It’s important to establish a budget before you leave, but be sure to leave a line item for “experiences.” Account for expenses like a museum or landmark tour, a long taxi ride to a monument, or tickets to a show.


If something costs a little more than you’ve budgeted, swap out something else for a less-expensive alternative. For example, if you want to visit the Louvre, instead of eating a five-course meal at Paris’ finest bistro, dine at a modestly priced family-owned restaurant that night. You’ll rest easier knowing that you’re staying on budget, while still getting a wealth of experiences on your trip.


3. Make Your Credit Card Work for You

Check your credit card’s rewards program for discounts you weren’t aware of. You may be able to cash in your points for flight, ticket, and restaurant deals. If you don’t have a rewards credit card, getting one specifically for travel purposes will help you rack up some quick points during your stay.


4. Maintain Your Rituals

To feel your best while abroad, it’s important to keep your normal rituals intact — especially the healthy ones. I lose a lot of energy, passion, and spark when I stop eating well. So on a recent trip, I made sure to pack LÄRABARs, nuts, and whole food snacks to keep me energized during an all-day conference.


Personal fitness is also important, but it can be challenging to find a time and place to work out. If you’re a CrossFit fan, try checking out the top-rated CrossFit gym in the city. If you only have 20 minutes, go for a run. It will give you the chance to explore while you get your heart pumping.


Relaxation rituals are also important. For example, I like to journal and meditate in the morning, so when I travel, I order room service and journal while I wait for my breakfast. Then, I make time for meditating as I munch on toast and sip coffee. Sticking to your usual rituals can help you feel more at home in a new city.


5. Fuel Your Productivity

If working out of a hotel room is cramping your style, LiquidSpaceis a budget-friendly way to rent office space by the hour. Or, if you want to stay close, try asking the concierge for an upgrade to a suite with a view (just don’t forget your budget!). Finding a productive place will help you work distraction-free and make your trip more valuable.


As an entrepreneur, running a business can be stressful. But finding better ways to incorporate playtime into your daily schedule — especially when you find yourself out of your comfort zone — can help reduce that stress.


The term “vacation” seems almost outdated. With access to a 24-hour global economy, we should be able to enjoy ourselves, no matter where we work. That’s the goal for entrepreneurs today: to get as many positive experiences from our work as possible. And that includes our business travel.


Traveling to a new city is a great opportunity to explore, recharge, and have a little fun. Don’t let it slip away.


Sumi KrishnanSumi Krishnan started K4 Solutions in 2001 at age 19. K4 Solutions offers information technology and management services to the federal government. K4 Solutions has worked with agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense. Since its inception, K4 Solutions has grown into a thriving $20M enterprise with more than 200 employees. 


Sumi is in the process of launching a new coaching program that spreads the message of authenticity, joy, and purpose in our work. She has been named in The Washingtonian’s list of “Women to Watch,” as well as Inc.’s “30 Under 30.”  


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