Bringing Together App-Ecosystem For E-Commerce Startups

You probably have many different apps running on your smart phone, tablet and other computing devices. They make your world and business efficient by specializing in one task and doing it very well. The problem is there are literally tens of thousands of apps available and the sheer numbers means you might need an app just to find the best app for your e-commerce startups.


Although apps make your individual task efficient having a unifying system for all your apps will eliminate any incompatibility issues you might face once you are up and running. 

Multiple Apps

No matter how small your startup is you will need many different applications to run your business.  As the numbers of applications grow the pressure it puts on your business also grows requiring more resources to mange them efficiently. Production, inventory, orders, customers, marketing and updates have subcategories which require different applications that have to work seamlessly to make your company run with out any hitches.  Incompatibility issues can result in your customer receiving the wrong product when they order an item or it is delayed several times. This is what happens when multiple apps are not working together in a cohesive ecosystem.

Challenge With Multiple Apps

It is possible that every single app you have in your startup works perfectly as a standalone product but when it is part of a system with multiple applications it can start experiencing problems. That is why orders get delayed and the wrong item is delivered to the customer. Keeping accurate record at all times and relying on that version of the truth requires getting results you need by obtaining one outcome. Small startups use fewer apps and systems requiring fewer resources for integration, which is why you have to get organized before you start experiencing growth.


The Multiple App Eco-System

When the app-ecosystem is disorganized your e-commerce startup will be limited by the information stored in the different systems in your organization. The problems are compounded when you have:

  • Information duplication
  • Different data stores
  • Data stores for  several products
  • Wrong information

All this adds up to a central command system which relies on information from different applications that is not part of one ecosystem. In this scenario reports from each app will be different resulting in unpredictable outcome. 


One App To Rule Them All!

The Centralized System

In a centralized system your startup will have a logical process where all your applications are managed. This process involves a product information management that is logical, total financial integration and accurate customer interaction.

Product Management

Accurate product management means the centralized system is aware of available inventory, detailed description of the product and price. Knowing what you have accurately allows you to sell only what you have. Selling the same item twice means accounting irregularities and customer dissatisfaction. This snowballing effect takes valuable resources and time to correct.

Financial Integration

A centralized system updates every transaction between you and your customer at the same time giving you the ability to see your assets in real time. With this type of access you can make decision immediately so you can stock up with inventory your customers demand. 

Customer Interaction

With a centralized system you are aware of the transactions between you and your customers. You can implement marketing strategies based on those transactions using emails and social media which is integrated into your system. Communicating with your customers gives you an insight into their behavior and choices giving you the opportunity to offer what they need when they need it.

Whether it is a new startup or an established business centralizing your system is the best thing you can do for your business. The countless hours you spend trying to organize everything can only be appreciated once you implement such a system.

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