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The Best Blog Writing Advice From Young Entrepreneur Council Founder Scott Gerber And FoodSpotting Co-Founder Soraya Darabi




Blog is the new content buzz word and has recently taken the place of old, antiquated terms like “articles” and “reviews” and “press releases.” In fact, what you’re reading right now is no article, no sir. It’s a tech blog, thank you very much. It’s the new way to get your startup story out there in a more informal and personal way. The key is to make sure it’s actually something people want to read (my daily dilemma in life).


Scott Gerber, founder of Young Entrepreneur Council, and Soraya Darabi, co-founder of Foodspotting offer up their expertise on how to write a winning guest blog post.


It’s all about the headline

Obviously, the content of your blog should be solid and relevant. But Gerber says when you’re writing a post of another site, editors want to make sure your blog will actually attract traffic to the site and resonate with readers. Easiest way to do that? Make your headline catchy and make sure it’s captures what your post is actually about. This is what will sell it to the editors.



Work your goals into the post

There’s a sports joke in there somewhere. Anywho, Gerber says don’t just write a blog for the sake of writing a blog. Instead, have a goal in mind and  make sure you align it with the content of your blog post. Focus on what would be the most appropriate media outlet for your blog/goal, target those and execute. Again, with the sports lingo!


Generate leads and monetize

Your blog posts can turn into more customers and… you guessed it… more money. Gerber says to always focus on customer conversion through guiding the reader back to your own site; also put the logos of the sites your blog is posted on and say, “hey, check out our guest blog post on!” Doing so will boost your credentials, generate leads and increase your awesomeness.




Become a SME

Soraya says become a SME–Subject Matter Expert. If you’ve started your own business, chances are you’re an expert in something. Whatever that something is, read up on it and make yourself an even more savvy SME.


Control your Google results

Soraya gives a shout out to Brand Yourself, co-founded by Evan McGowan-Watson and brother of KillerStartup’s very own Emma McGowan. The awesome site helps you to control your Google results and make sure your name and brand are positively search-able.




Syndicate yourself

Finally, social media is not all fun and games. Soraya says the content and blogs you put out there should be syndicated, that is, linked and spread across appropriate social media platforms. The more syndicated your blog becomes, the more potential customers you’ll have.


Content is king and blogging is boss, so make sure you’re executing in a way that will actually benefit your business. And, if you’re really not a blogger, I am not afraid of a little ghostwriting. Hit me up.


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Author : Holly Hutton

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