Top 3 YouTube Channels For Startup Founders

Let’s get real for a second: Most of us have no idea what we’re doing. Even those who look like they know what they’re doing actually, in reality, are as clueless as the guy next door; they’re just better at the whole “fake it ‘til ya make it” thing. Since most of us are doing this after we’ve finished our formal educations, where do we learn? How do make sure we’re on a right track, if not necessarily the right track?


Well, we soak in everything we can get our hands on, from blogs to books to newspaper articles. We network, we talk, we listen. We stuff our brains to the point of exploding in hopes that we can learn quickly enough to get our businesses off the ground in this ever-changing environment that is the tech world.




One great (and often overlooked) source of information is YouTube. Unsurprisingly, startup entrepreneurs and thinkers like to record themselves (and others) talking about what they do and how they do it.


And, best of all, how you can do it too.


YouTube is also full of a whole lot of nonsense (can we blame the teenagers?), so I sifted through the masses to pull the top three YouTube channels with the best videos for entrepreneurs.


1. PandoDaily

You probably already be reading PandoDaily; I definitely do. They always have original, well thought-out, well-written content presented in perfect pitch tone. They also offer an excellent variety of content, something they’ve repeated on their YouTube channel. Check them out for their extremely popular “fireside chats,” in which they go in-depth with internet luminaries. (Check out this one with Elon Musk).




Another great series I love is called Office Crashers, in which the PandoDaily team pops into different startup spaces and film what’s going on there, providing the viewer with a fun voyeuristic experience and some decorating tips.


2. This Week In Startups

Host Jason Calacanis sets his series up like an old-school radio talk show, complete with oversized headphones and mics. Each show is longer than your average YouTube vid – clocking in at around an-hour-and-a-half-each. The long format allows Jason to go in-depth with his experts, including the one and only Eric Ries.


If you don’t have time to watch the entire interview, Jason also provides timestamps underneath the interview with descriptions of what you can expect at those points, allowing you to jump to the parts that interest you the most.




3. A Total Disruption

Unlike some YouTube videos, the ones on A Total Disruption feel professionally made. That’s because they were created by two-time Sundance-winning director Ondi Timoner and you won’t find shitty lighting and boring drag here.


A Total Disruption also has a few different channels. If you want to hear from leaders in the industry (including the founders of Reddit), check out the Wizard channel. The Pivot will make you feel less alone in your company’s moment of identity crisis, while Startup Life introduces you to new companies and helps you learn from their triumphs and mistakes.


a total disruption


These are three of my top YouTube channels for startup entrepreneurs, but what do you watch? Who keeps you informed and up to date? Leave me a note in the comments; I’m always looking for new stuff!



Check out PandoDaily’s YouTube for interviews with startup celebrities and a sneak peak into startup offices. This Week In Startups is great for in-depth interviews in an old-school radio style. A Total Disruption is the go-to for professionally produced medium-length videos that include interviews with startup luminaries, a close look at the moment of pivoting, and introductions to up and coming startups.


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