Pimp Your Blog Tip #1286: Syndication


I know everyone keeps preaching to you about starting a blog this and promoting your blog that… Reverend Holly has even preached a sermon or two. But, if you’ve finally broken down and invested the time, effort and thesaurus searches to create your all-important, company-endorsing blog, you’re gonna want to make sure that baby was worth the effort. There’s a multitude of ways to what I like to lovingly call “pimp” your blog, but today’s lesson is all about syndication.


Syndicate and make your blog resonate

That was me trying to rhyme and/or rap. Fail.  Point is, syndication pimps your blog like crazy. Think about your favorite TV shows that are syndicated. No matter where I am in the world I can always count on an episode of Friends showing on local cable. Syndicating your blog is kind of like that. Distributing it through other sites will give you an even bigger platform to promote your blog and gain a new audience.


Sounds awesome, right? So, how exactly does one go about doing this? For one, it takes a bit of time and research to get it down pat, but once you learn it’ll be your blogs best friend. I could take you through step-by-step with a boring text-heavy list myself,  but Trevor Turnbull, founder of socialconnectblueprint.com made a very informative (albeit, a bit long) “how-to syndicate your blog” video. Check it-





Did you make through? Did you learn something? Excellent! Now, here are some top blog syndication sites for your pimping pleasure. OK, that sounds wrong.



This is a pretty great site to see all your fave blogs in one place. But that’s not what today’s lesson is about, is it? No sir, it’s your blog that you want other people to see. Networkedblogs has over 1 million registered blogs and it automatically publishes them to your Twitter and Facebook when they’re posted. Talk about getting your blog seen by a few more prospective customers!






Another great syndication site, Blogcatalogue posts blogs from just about every topic there is. So even your cat food blog has a chance to be seen by blogcatalog’s thousands (maybe millions?) of perusers.



OK, this is the syndication big leagues. If you’re an experienced blogger on topics like media, film, politics, etc., Demandstudios helps you get published to top online sites like eHow and USAtoday. We’re talkin millions of loyal viewers and huge blog publicity.





Well amateur bloggers, I hope this helped in your quest to get your blog seen by potential new customers. Syndicate your well-deserved blog and reach all those cat food-buying pet lovers. Clearly I’m in a bit of a random mood today. Lesson adjourned. Amen.


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