Need A Home For Your Startup Business? Discover The Benefits Of Serviced Offices


by Alison Parcell


If you’re an entrepreneur or the head of a startup business, you face a lot of challenges – but one of the hardest things to master is the day-to-day operations of an office. Your business needs a lot of things, especially in the beginning, and all of those things cost money (which is probably tight). You’ll need the confidence of your investors and customers to get your business off the ground, and using a serviced office is an easy way to instill that confidence. Here are some of the other benefits of using serviced offices.





What Exactly IS a Serviced Office?

Whether your business is in its earliest stages, or it’s already taken off, you’ve probably come to the realization that having a brick-and-mortar location is essential. A serviced office will give you just that – without all the expense and hassle of setting up shop yourself. These offices are furnished and ready to go, and they come fully staffed with receptionists, secretarial staff, phone support, videoconferencing, computer hardware, wireless Internet access, and all the maintenance that goes with those things.


You’ll Only Pay For What You Need

Serviced offices usually come with very flexible terms; you only pay for the space and services you need, when you need them. Need a conference area? Reserve it. Need a few staff members to do your cold calls and networking? There’s skilled assistance available – and you can get it without going through tedious interviews or hiring from a temp agency. Whether you need someone to take over while you iron out the details of a new contract, or you’re going on vacation, there will be someone there to answer the phone and relay messages.




The Right Amount of Room Now and Later

Every startup business owner wants their company to grow quickly, but they also know that fast growth can be expensive. One of the biggest benefits of the serviced office is that its flexibility allows the space to grow as your business does – and you don’t get bogged down in the little details.





Is a Serviced Office Right For Your Business?

While renting a serviced office space is the ideal solution for many small business owners, it may not be right for everyone. If you’re always in the field and you’re not doing enough business to necessitate the hiring of outside help, you might not need office space just yet.


For others who keep inventory or require specific equipment, investing in all those things and moving into a dedicated space may be a better choice.


However, most business owners find themselves somewhere in between – especially those just starting out and those who find their product and service offerings constantly changing and growing. If you’re just getting off the ground, or if you’re not ready to make the leap to owning your office suite and all that comes with it, a serviced office will provide you with the perfect, ready-to-use space to run and grow your business.


This guest post is provided by Foxhall Business Centres, providers of serviced offices and meeting rooms for hire in Nottingham.


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