5 Benefits Of Having Onsite Daycare In Your Startup Office


Productivity is an important part of building a successful startup business. When employees and fellow staff members are distracted by other issues, it can be hard for them to focus and give their best.


One of the most troubling issues working parents deal with regularly is the matter of daycare. For a working father or mother to be able to relax and perform well in the workplace, their child’s daycare situation has to be reliable, safe, enjoyable for the child, and affordable for the parents. When daycare issues are prevalent, the family isn’t the only one that suffers; the business is impacted, too.


Daycare issues with employees can be avoided by having a daycare center in the business’s office building. The benefits of such make the effort to establish a workplace daycare well worth the effort.


Knowing their children are happy and safe helps employees feel happier at work.

Knowing their children are happy and safe helps employees feel happier at work.


How Employees and Employers Benefit from Onsite Daycare

1. Both Sides Save Money

Both the employer and employee stand to save money with onsite daycare. The employer saves money through decrease in employee turnover, which translates into a better bottom line. Likewise, since the employee drops their children off at a daycare center located in the same building as their workplace, they save gas money and gain valuable time that can be invested in their job.


2. Boosted Morale and Productivity

It’s very hard for parents who are worried about their children to feel happy at work. When their minds are occupied with their children, employees dealing with daycare issues have a hard time performing. But knowing that their children are safe and just a minute away can provide working parents with a tremendous sense of relief.


3. Attractive to Potential Employees

Companies that are trying to attract potential employees discuss benefits and other incentives they feel might be appealing. Having an onsite daycare center is an attractive perk that many potential employees with appreciate.


4. Decreased Amount of Absenteeism

Daycare issues, such as unreliable babysitters, often lead working parents to call off or arrive late to work. An onsite daycare center alleviates this problem by providing reliable childcare services that will be available during business hours without fail.


5. Happy Employees Perform Better, Stay Longer

Many workplace studies have concluded that happy employees are more productive. It’s natural to perform better at work when worries about the children aren’t consuming the worker’s mind. For many parents, just knowing that their children are a few steps away is enough to give them the peace of mind necessary to focusing on work.


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It’s a relief for working parents to know their children are thriving at onsite daycare.


An Important Part of Open Communication in the Workplace

Speaking with employees regularly, as a group and individually, provides employers insight into important issues that affect the work environment. If there are working parents on staff, the topic of daycare is likely to come up at some point. Employers can initiate conversations about daycare issues and needs during staff meetings to get some dialogue going.


As employees and their managers work together on the issue of daycare, they can find solutions to promote the inclusion of onsite childcare and do so with a team approach. Coming together to find a solution that’s beneficial for everyone makes good business sense because happy employees who feel secure about their child’s care are more productive and have better morale.


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