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Do You Have What It Takes To Become A CEO?

become a ceo



The title of CEO is not one to be taken lightly because the buck stops with you – even when you’re a team of one or two. When you’re the CEO of a startup, you’ll often find yourself not only doing the normal CEO tasks but also playing every single support role that your company needs while you’re still getting started.


Not everyone is cut out to become a CEO and being a founder isn’t enough to qualify you for that role, unfortunately. It’s important to not let ego get in the way and take a real, honest look at your team when creating titles. Would you be better at customer relations? Maybe your CTO should also be CEO? Which roles can be shared?


If you’re working through all of these questions, this infographic from Brighton School of Business and Management will definitely help. It outlines the educational backgrounds, experience, and personality traits of top CEOs from a wide variety of businesses.


Do you have what it takes?




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Roger Braunstein | Brighton School of Business and Management

Author : Emma McGowan

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