B Corporation Certification: Good Fit for Your Startup?

You can leverage B Corporation certification as a strategic marketing tool. It can make you feel good about your business…and boost sales!

The Rise of the Socially Conscious Shopper

There’s a growing intolerance to how some big businesses operate.

Astronomical profits don’t receive popular support when the planet and workers used to create the products are abused in its creation. In fact, according to Growth Business, “90 percent of global consumers are now more likely to switch to a brand associated with a good cause.”

What many consumers are craving is a more responsible and ecologically friendly business (and preferably one that isn’t threatening world domination). That’s where B Corps comes in.

The Benefits of B Corporation Certification

As a B Corp, you can market your company as being a new type of business, one that’s ecologically sustainable and one that features in newspaper columns for community-driven development programs rather than another tax evasion scandal.

For example, DGW Branded is a print promo supplier that helps those from the foster care system with the skills and work experience needed to have a better chance in life.

Having an ethical message spread over your website and social media is a great way to prove your business is genuinely one that cares.

Want more customers? Great! Give them something that inspires them. That’s something that can’t be purchased. Your online reputation is increasingly crucial for targeting the growing demand for purpose-driven brands. And there’s perhaps no better way for a company to be at the front of this expanding market than through becoming a B Corporation.

A New Way of Marketing Your Small Business

It’s tough being a small business owner.

Industry giants are often your competition, some with monthly marketing budgets greater than your yearly revenue.

Having a niche can achieve short-term success. However, if the idea catches on, it’s not going to take long before a big competitor swoops in and launches their own version of the product or service.

There’s also marketing.

Building brand awareness can be expensive. This is especially true for small businesses breaking into the market.

Social media ads can be expensive and drown in a sea of noise. It can be difficult to make your business stand out no matter how polished your marketing strategy is.

By considering B Corporation certification, you’re taking a fresh approach for small businesses to have a unique selling proposition for their products. However, it’s also an inventive way to attract talented employees from bigger companies. As a result, small businesses looking to do the right thing and increase their bottom line should seriously consider becoming a B Corp.

Being a B Corp is how responsible businesses prove that they are protecting the planet and ensuring their employees are given safe working conditions.

Maybe you don’t know much about the B Corp movement and what it promises for the planet, community, employees, and its governance transparency. That’s OK, but consider taking some time to learn more about the movement.

Most business owners truly want to do the right thing, but what about the business itself? Is it all give…and no take?

Actually, no. Being certified as a B Corp is actually a win-win. It’s a great way to improve the planet and is a priceless way for a small business to differentiate itself from the giants of the industry.

Your B Corporation Will Attract Top Talent

Being a B Corp is a great marketing tool to gain loyal customers to your brand. Being an eco-friendly company that creates inspiring community projects is a great unique selling point. Huge corporations can’t easily copy this strategy.

Furthermore, there’s more to marketing than just the customer side of things. Being a B Corp can help market your business in other ways.

For instance, attracting and retaining employees isn’t easy anymore. The Great Resignation has proven that employees are looking for more meaningful work. Many hope to work for a company where they feel they have a genuine say in its operations and good career development.

B Corps are awarded their certification based on four critical criteria. These are Community, Governance, Planet, and Worker. Each factor is rated out of a possible 50 by the B Impact Assessment.

For the employee section, the assessment looks at a number of factors, such as Worker Ownership and Work Environment.

For job-hunters looking for more meaningful work, a B Corp can attract top talent if it markets itself as the best way to achieve job satisfaction.

However, if a prospective B Corp fails the Worker section of the test, they cannot be or continue to be a certified B Corp company. This proves to potential employees that this is an organization that excels in employee wellbeing.

So, if you want to attract the best employees, you have to think about more than just their paychecks.

A Final Word

There are plenty of reasons to become a B Corp. Customer loyalty should be at the top of your list.

Wanting to enrich the local community or protect the planet at large are noble reasons to join the movement.

However, advocates seldom discuss how these organizations can make a healthy profit. They can use their altruism as a tool to market the business. They can even expand their size to a greater extent than if they didn’t adhere to stronger legal regulation.

Getting certified as a B Corporation can make practical sense for a business. Likewise, this is especially the case when you use the certification as a strategic marketing tool.