Five Reasons Austin May Become the New Silicon Valley

For decades now, it almost seemed like Silicon Valley, California, would be the place for all technology companies to thrive. It’s where several computer companies got their start. Others established their headquarters there. Lately, however, there’s been a shift. And that shift has been to…Texas? Well, not just any city in Texas, mind you. But rather, Austin, Texas.

That’s right, Austin could very well stand a big chance of becoming the next Silicon Valley. Plenty of companies have begun making the move there, and with good reason. But what prompted such a change? Let’s look at some of the bigger reasons why Austin has suddenly become a city with no limits.

1. Tesla made the trip to Texas.

There’s no question that Elon Musk has a lot of power right now. You’ve probably seen him pick up the social media giant Twitter just a few days ago. Before that, however, he made waves with Tesla, a thriving electric car company.

Well, one big move to Austin that happened in just the past year saw Tesla shift course.

Originally based in California, the company took its corporate headquarters and moved it to the heart of Texas. By doing so, not only did it add heft to an already growing city, but it also provided hundreds upon thousands of new job opportunities.

With that, other companies want to get in that game as well — and Austin is certainly a bit more affordable than Los Angeles or San Francisco at the moment. So why not go to where the people are and make your company thrive? It’s certainly working for Tesla.

2. It’s bounced back significantly from the pandemic.

There are some states that are still struggling to catch back up on their job numbers following the fallout of Covid-19 from 2020.

However, Austin is not one of those cities. In fact, this Texas town has managed to recover an incredible amount of its jobs.

According to online reports, the city has managed to regain nearly 100 percent of its Covid-lost jobs. That includes the restaurant market, production, and other fields of employment. That’s more than a lot of cities in major states like New York, California, and Florida.

Of course, it helps that it’s loaded with not only visitors but also those that hang their hats in the state. That leads us to…

3. It’s a great town for your people.

One good thing about Austin is that it’s a town that knows how to keep its residents happy.

While the cost is a little bit on the rise, it’s certainly not as bad as other cities. For that matter, it’s got enough of a social scene to keep its residents happy — as well as employed.

Part of that is due to the growing social and music scenes. Following what happened with the pandemic, the state is once again in full swing (for the most part), with performers, clubs, and more. Every night of the week, it seems to have city streets filled with people.

This alone speaks volumes.

Some California towns are still hustle and bustle, for sure, but Austin has a community that’s attracting growth. That not only means potential for new companies (and jobs) but also more local business. That’s one factor you can’t beat about Austin.

4. Austin is an ideal city for a startup.

Tying in with the growing social scene, Austin also has one key factor working in its favor — it’s rife with new business.

Many business websites rank Texas as the top state to begin a new business. When it comes to affordability and reaching a diverse, “hip” audience, however, Austin is at the top of the list. That means more businesses are trying their wares within the busy city. This is both with downtown locations or outside its reach.

It’s also a huge deal when it comes to new businesses immersed in technology.

Silicon Valley used to be the go-to place for new tech. Nowadays, however, a tech-thriving city can grow from anywhere.

Austin has specialized in this, with young up-and-comers offering a variety of tech-based solutions. Plus it’s a good place for established companies to see what’s trending as well — and who to partner with.

5. Austin is just more fun and adaptable.

The thing about Silicon Valley is that it really accepts a certain type of audience. It seems to be built more around people that are tech-minded, people that truly know business. Austin, however, seems to be much looser in that regard.

Part of that is due to its social scene, but it also helps that Austin isn’t so uptight. It’s a city that seems to adapt to all types of worker types, as well as businesses.

That makes it easy to step in and find your “groove” compared to the more uptight Silicon Valley. That may be why there’s a changing of the guard.

Business is changing for the better, and, with that, various location changes may also be in order.

So, yes, Austin totally deserves a chance in that regard. Pay them a visit!