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Are You Spending Too Much Time On Social Media?

How much time should entrepreneurs/founders spend on social media?




Focus on the Payoff

emerson“The exact amount of time depends on the type of business, but for most consumer-facing companies, two to five hours per week is enough. For B2B companies, one to three hours will work. Although I run a social media-focused company, I believe it can be a distraction — many entrepreneurs spend far too much time idly browsing Twitter and Facebook and calling it work. It has a low value compared to many other activities. ”




Take Tweet Breaks

kyle-clayton-300x300“Don’t spend all day on social media; instead, spend a little time throughout the day. I do 15-minute “tweet breaks” every few hours. It helps that it doesn’t disrupt my work, but keeps me up-to-date. If you’re devoting a set hour each day, you’re only seeing part of the social media picture. Different clients interact at different times, and catching these moments in a timely manner is important.”


KYLE CLAYTON, Jackrabbit Janitorial


Keep the FOMO Away

derek Shanahan-100x100“Sure, it’s not really about FOMO, is it? It’s about keeping in touch with people and high-level industry conversations, but social media can suck away time if it’s not used deliberately. Check in twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes; otherwise, get good at curating and using tools to do the work for you. Check out HootSuite lists, newsle, Quibb and social CRMs to never miss a thing.”


DEREK SHANAHAN, Playerize / SuperRewards


Set Goals Before Spending Any Time on Social Media

NicolasGremionavatar-100x100“Spend the time it takes to satisfy your social media goals, which need to be laid out before you hop on Facebook and start messing around. Having well-defined goals and a strategy will help you maximize your time and stay on course.”






Prioritize Social Media in the Beginning

aaron schwartz“The most cost-effective way to build your business is through word-of-mouth — recommendations from friends will drive most of your early sales. In the early days, spend as much time as you can afford on social media, not only communicating with people who have questions about your brand, but also learning how your best customers are “selling” it. Then, update your story for better resonance!”


AARON SCHWARTZ, Modify Watches


Spend as Much Time as You Can Afford

TomCannonavatar“Don’t underestimate the power of social media; it can be an extremely effective way to connect and engage with your customers. Just be sure to build a social media strategy first — this will help you plan ahead, stay on track and shape your message. ”






Don’t Waste Your Time

jordan fliegel“Hire someone who is better than you are with social media, and let him do it. ”








Allocate a Small Percentage of Your Time

ZACH CLAYTON “Allocate 2 to 5 percent of your time. It’s important to build your brand and stay engaged with your customers online. But the most valuable client interactions and discoveries usually happen face-to-face or over the phone.”




ZACH CLAYTON, Three Ships Media



Define Its Value to Your Business First

LaurenPerkinsavatar-100x100“If you decide to get into social media to build and promote your brand, it should align with both your marketing and business development strategies. Don’t try to use every social network because “everybody is doing it.” Instead, focus on one or two channels that are most relevant to your audience, tracking the outcomes to gauge their value to your business and your time commitment to them.”


LAUREN PERKINS, Perks Consulting


Form Relationships

BrianMoranavatar-100x100-1“I teach people how to use Facebook to grow their businesses. So, naturally, my time is spent on Facebook. Go where your market is. However, make sure you are tracking the success of the time that you’ve invested in social media. If your time using social isn’t matching up with the revenue, then cut the cord and get back to what brings you paying customers.”



BRIAN MORAN, Get 10,000 Fans


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