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A Roundup Prior To Apple WWDC 2012

In the market for a shiny new toy? Whether it be personal computing, mobile fantasia, or even home entertainment, put away your credit cards and wallets at least for the next week; As June 11th marks’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and regardless of whether you’re a fan or a critic of the Cupertino tech giant, overlooking Apple’s offerings may be unwise.



Yesterday Apple’s WWDC posters went up stating, “Where great ideas go on to do great things.” The conference will consist of innovation and surprises such as “reinventing” the television as hinted in Walter Isaacson’s Biography of Apple’s Late CEO Steve Jobs.



Other announcements to possibly expect include a complete revamp of Apple’s line-up of personal computers (PC), an announcement of a new, more iOS integrated operating system known as Mountain Lion, and the announcement of a brand new iPhone, together with other software bundles for both PC and mobile systems.


Interestingly, According to the China Daily, recently Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturer, invested $210 million towards a new Apple production line, together with Apple’s record breaking investment of $1.3 billion last quarter and planned another $2.5 billion over the course of the year in manufacturing equipment alone (According to Asymco); these number are not only breaking records but difficult to comprehend, as a consumer one must ponder what these investments are going towards? And what new ground breaking technology changes Apple will bring to the table come WWDC.


Keep in mind of course all recent blogs and articles can only speculate the announcements of the conference as Apple does go to great heights trying to protect their innovations where specific product details will be revealed only at WWDC 2012. But according to the rumor mills and Apple’s investments we know that Apple has monumental secrets up their sleeves.


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Author : Taskinul Haque

Taskinul is a 22-year-old recent IT graduate with a passion for writing, (in technology anyway) and he hopes to have a killer IT startup in the coming years.

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