Life After Google Panda Update – Why Shortcuts Are The Longest Way To Health And Wealth


You’re not even 30 yet and you’ve already have a heart attack. You’re left weak and wondering what happened. How did it come to this? Suddenly the life you knew is over, just as it was really getting good. You felt strong and healthy. A little chest pain and shortness of breath later, and you find yourself in the emergency room, your life forever altered.





The Shot Heard Around the (Virtual) World

The first Google Panda update hit many website owners like a heart attack – completely unexpected and just as devastating. Websites were going along, minding their own business. They felt good and they appeared to be doing well – raking in tons of traffic and money for their owners. Then the Google Panda Algorithm came along, knocking many websites off their feet. Google Penguin quickly followed, finishing up the job.





The Algorithm Aftermath

Website owners and internet entrepreneurs were left weak and wondering how to pick up the pieces. After years of counting on SEO to bring in traffic, (and AdSense millions), many folks assumed that, “The Good Life,” would last forever. Suddenly their pagerank fell, traffic slowed to a crawl, and the money all but stopped coming in.


Some folks have given up and abandoned their entrepreneurial dreams. But there IS life after Panda.


Heart Attacks and Website Rehabilitation

Having a heart attack is a serious wake up call. If you don’t make some serious changes, and fast, you could be dead before 30.


Google is like your website’s doctor. He just sent you a strong warning: Keep doing what you were doing, and your website will die. Make the right changes to improve the health of your website, and you can still survive… even thrive.


The First Step is to Admit you have a Problem

You need to give up your bad habits before you can fully recover. Stop expecting to make tons of money with very little effort. Cutting corners, buying links, and other blackhat SEO techniques that may have helped you bypass Google’s controls before, are unhealthy and they will kill you.


Stop asking yourself “Why?” and start asking, “How?” Don’t give me the, “I’m not guilty, it’s all Google’s fault,” excuse. Excuses mean you’re not ready for rehab and recovery. If you’re still stuck playing the blame game, asking “Why” this happened, and trying to find a way around the problem, I wouldn’t be able to help you.


For those of you ready to ask, “How?” let’s focus on the most important thing: Recovery IS possible.


How to Recover from Google Panda and Penguin

I’m reminded of a good friend who, unbeknownst to him, motivated me to take charge of my own dreams. When I shared my aspirations of traveling to China to learn Chinese with this friend, he looked into my eyes and said, “It’s not impossible.” That was it. When I heard my friend say that learning Chinese wasn’t impossible, my mind started packing.


I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to recover. You can restore your once high pagerank, you can regain your once epic traffic, and you can even reclaim your portion of the internet pie.


Once you drop your bad habits and develop healthier ones, you’ll have an internet business – a legit business that’s ready to adapt and grow.


The Illusion of Shortcuts

There’s no shortage of products and services that offer shortcuts to better health. Unfortunately, the promises of fast and easy weight loss, effortless exercise, and magical pills or drinks are just scams to help other people make money off of folks looking for a quick fix to their problems.


Sound familiar?



Blackhat SEO techniques, backlinking services, and automated programs once promised internet entrepreneurs quick and easy money. They too were empty promises and scams.


Giving up your bad habits and taste for easy money in order to work hard on developing a sustainable business may seem like the longest road to success. In truth, shortcuts are the longest routes when it comes to both health problems and business.


Taking the Long Way to Success

If you make the necessary changes, and continue to make healthy decisions, you WILL be able to make money online again. It may not be as quickly as you had expected, but it IS possible. And when you look back in 10 years, taking the long way will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.


Not sure what product or service to offer? Find a problem you have. Maybe right now, your biggest problem is figuring out what to do with your website after it got hit by Panda. Maybe your problem is not knowing how to create awesome video content. If it’s a problem you’ve experienced, it’s very likely that there are plenty of other people having the same problem.


When a lot of people have the same problem, a solution to that problem will be in high demand! Solve the problem for yourself and then market the solution to other people.


Do yourself a favor, take the long road now. You have already learned the hard way that shortcuts are the longest path.


The Road Not Taken

You now have a very important decision to make. You can get back up and try some new shortcuts; you can hope that things will magically get better on their own; or you can take the high road and pursue a more sustainable business model. It may be a longer road, but it’s much more reliable and well worth the walk.


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