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How To Build An Affiliate Website That Doesn’t Suck

by Frankie Rendón



It’s no secret that affiliate marketing takes time and a lot of work. But with the right tools and game plan, one can embark on the path towards an affiliate empire of their own.


affiliate website


The key to putting together a successful affiliate program? A solid affiliate website. It can make a world of difference between a solid revenue stream and just another mediocre marketing initiative.


Thousands upon thousands of affiliate websites call the Internet home, which is why it’s important to create unique content to accompany your site. Not only does it allow for clear identification and development of your brand, but it also gives readers a good reason to come back.


Take a look below at this tutorial from the folks at WhoIsHostingThis. It’s packed with useful strategies and​ some​ lesser-known tips aimed towards newbies looking to break into the affiliate marketing scene.



how to build an affiliate website that doesn't suck (infographic)




frankie RENDONFrankie Rendón collaborates with various online publications to ensure that the contagious content he creates with his team is shared all over the Web. Prior to entering the internet marketing realm, Frankie worked for a non-profit organization where he fought to address the needs of the under-served indigenous population of Latin America in efforts to improve overall quality of life.


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