Revitalize And Get Out Of That Rut!
(Here’s What Startup Founders Say Works Best)


Let’s face it, every once in a while you get in a rut at work or in your life and it can become too easy for one to affect the other. We do our best to not let one get in the way of the other, but sometimes it just does and if we’re lucky, we’ve got great friends or companions to help us through it.


With productivity possibly not at its optimal point when in your rut, there are things you can do to combat it and revitalize yourself and your work. We here at KillerStartups have gathered the best tips to get you back in the game. The best thing: we’ve come up with these based on personal experience as well as our conversations with startup founders from across the globe.





1. What Goes Around…

You know the rest because it’s true. Have you thought about going out of your way to do something helpful for a fellow team member? Think about the times someone has smiled at you or said something funny to you that changed your day. Well, doing something positive for someone on the team could brighten your day as you watch their energy level go up. It really is that simple and best of all, it’s contagious!


2. Bring Your Interest Or Hobby To Work

Juggling, reading, photography… If you’d like to share the interest with a team member, even better. At the very least, bring your interest, even if it’s a book on the subject, to work and read it during your lunch hour. Disconnecting from work in this way can make you feel great and it can remind you of how actually valuable and talented you are as a team member as you recognize your own complexity and talent.


3. Walk It, Work It, Take It For A Stroll

Have you explored the area around where you work besides the places to eat? Take some of your lunch break to walk around and check out the neighborhood in which your work. There are probably some beautiful streets and buildings just minutes from where you work but that you didn’t know about because you take the same route to work everyday (which you should also consider changing – the route that is)!


4. Exercise Before Work

Yes, it’s a pain to get up super early to sweat and work your body, but once you get in the routine, it’s a pleasure. Getting the system running early on really gets the mind and body ready for a day at work. Soon enough, you’ll find that your energy level has risen and that you’re awake, clear-headed, and ready to tackle anew the day’s tasks!





These are just four ways you can really begin to change your perspective and your approach with not just your job, but with your life. The key is to recognize that you’re in a rut and that you want to change things. That’s great because, more times than not, you can change certain things. Remember, it’s how we react to situations that makes all the difference because what happens to us, we can’t always control. Got any other tips or have your own recommendations? Share them in the comments!


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