5 Ways to Optimize your Mobile SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has traditionally been applied to desktop searches and websites.  However, booming smart phone sales have led to “mobile search” being more than half of local search traffic today!  What not everybody realizes is that Google provides different search engine results for mobile devices.


Your website may be enjoying a solid ranking on Google’s desktop web search, but might not be found at all searching the same keywords on a mobile device.


On top of that, small phone screen sizes make it difficult to explore results beyond the top ranks. As a result, it has become essential to optimize your mobile search presence to make the most out of online business opportunities!  In a recent mobile search study, 32 percent of those surveyed said they use mobile search more than search engines on their computers and more than 70% of searchers frequently used search to discover products and companies they were interested in.



Useful tactics to increase your mobile search presence:


1. Use words and terms that are most applicable to your customer.

Google Analytics now provides a Mobile Google Keywords Tool, which allows you to determine top words and phrases searched through mobile devices. This tool also suggests alternatives you might not have considered.

2. Be relevant.

Google’s entire business is based on connecting internet users to relevant information. Here is how you do it on a mobile device:


  • Develop relevant mobile contentMobile users are often looking for information that is simple and functional with quick calls to action.
  • Require quality web programming. Eliminate bugs and spamming. Having a strong back end will tell Google that you’re search-worthy.
  • Socialize. Demonstrate your credibility by establishing incoming links from trusted web sites and brands. A link to your website is a small “vote of trust” for your organization.
  • Ensure mobile compatibility. Google is starting to see sites that are not mobile compatible as less relevant. If a customer is frustrated with your mobile solution, they are not likely to return.

3. Leverage videos in your mobile solution.

Every smartphone and tablet can record and watch video. YouTube has become the second most-used search engine. Your customers are demanding videos such as product showcases, How-To-Guides, Demos and Case Studies as part of both the research phase and making purchase decisions.


4. Promote social engagement.

Many people will research or hear about mobile apps and products by following social websites. Customers will add their own opinions to the conversation on these social networks. Allow mobile visitors to instantly share your mobile solution with others by QR code, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and more!


5. Optimize your local search.

Mobile SEO helps customers find local businesses by searching for nearby solutions to their problem. Update your local business profile and include links to your mobile site in order to make it easy for users to find and directly contact your business.



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