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Blog Steady! 4 Strategies To Gold Medal Your Startup Blog



Are you still not sure how a blog might add fuel to your startup sales fire? Well, the role of the blog in today’s entrepreneurial landscape is an essential and multi-faceted one. It acts as an additional channel by which startups can further their reach in areas such as sales, marketing, customer service, and overall brand recognition.


If you’re still not sure how you can best take advantage of a blog for your startup, keep reading and I’ll walk you through four ways you can maximize your efforts so that your startup creates a blog just right for your goals.





1. Tag Team It

Many startup blogs either have the founder or one other employee authoring posts. Have you thought about asking people on your team about writing for your startup blog too?


Not only would you be able to illustrate the diversity of your workplace this way, but you’d also be able to present different styles of writing as well as perspectives on your startup or product.


With various authors from your team, you could potentially attract more readers because readers end up choosing to read a specific team member regularly. Your customer base probably likes different music, places to travel, books, etc., so naturally they’re going to gravitate towards different writing styles (humor, factual, informative, satire, etc).


2. Introduce Team Members

As a young startup, you’ll want to introduce your team members through your blog and give the readers some stats. By giving readers names, photos, and some information about your team members, readers will feel more connected not only to them but to your brand and to your startup as well.


The more anonymity on your blog, the less likely readers are to engage.





3. Playing Favorites?

Blogrolls may have lost favor with many but they’re not just an SEO tactic. Blogrolls can also serve your readers by providing them with industry related information. A great blogroll should even be used to link to industry leaders specifically discussing why companies like yours are needed!


4. Get Those Subscribers

Remember that a blog as an advertising tool should also include an area where customers can subscribe to your newsletter. Not only will readers receive updates about your products and services, they will also be notified when your blog has been updated with the latest and great information about your startup!


If you follow these four steps when launching your startup blog you’ll be well on your way to getting the most from this simple marketing tool.





Remember to make your blog exciting and full of true nuggets that readers can also get excited about, this way you can continue to impact their lives with the awesome product or service you provide!


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Author : Sam Melon

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