4 Companies Making Parenting Easier

During the pandemic, parenting for entrepreneurs got tougher than ever. More than half of all working parents whose kids were schooling from home reported feelings of guilt, per CNBC. Their greatest stressors? They felt they weren’t caring appropriately for their kids.

Fast forward to today… and little has changed. Even though many youngsters have returned to traditional classroom setups, their moms and dads are fretting. Are they doing enough? Giving enough? Making their children’s lives safe enough? All existential questions on some level, of course. But they’re important concerns for every parent who wants to do the right thing.

Unfortunately, no one’s written the master guidebook on raising kids (yet.) Nevertheless, if you’re an entrepreneurial parent, you have some companies working in your corner. Each of the brands below offers a product or service that will help you do your most important job of all.

1. Gabb Wireless

Tech writer and dad Brad Anderson freely admits he’s not a huge fan of handing preteens smartphones. At the same time, he gives a big nod to the smartphone created by Gabb Wireless

To be sure, Gabb Wireless’s premise is fairly straightforward and that’s what makes it ingenious. First, build a kids’ smartphone that isn’t a toy. Second, add in only the necessities including texting, calling, and picture-taking capabilities. Third, throw in a few fun, family-friendly apps and games. Fourth… that’s it. No allowing Internet browsing. No access to the app store. And absolutely no social media on the device. Just the purest phone without bells or whistles.

If you’ve been hemming and hawing about whether or not to get your son or daughter a phone, Gabb Wireless solves the riddle. Their device is a phone that lets kids earn responsibility points without exposing them to unwanted content or strangers. At the same time, it allows you to guide your kids toward healthier smartphone habits even when you’re not around.

2. Nanno

You’re working hard at your next big business idea when it happens. A client wants to have a Zoom phone call with you at 4:00 p.m. No problem, except your kids will be home from school. Though they’re well-behaved, they aren’t perfect. You need the call to go without a hitch. That’s where Nanno comes into the picture.

Nanno’s a family-babysitter match site with a bit of a twist: You can book a sitter within a couple of hours. This freedom allows you to find the ideal nanny without having to rummage through your phone or beg friends. All you do is sign up for a subscription and start looking for a babysitter for your favorite littles.

Even The Wall Street Journal has made mention of Nanno. In the publication’s piece on babysitting during Covid, Journal reporters lauded the idea of remote (Zoom) babysitting. It’s an interesting premise and one you might consider if you hook up with a Nanno sitter your kids like. Above all else, Nanno’s a useful tool. It’s great to have access to someone who’s background-checked when last-minute sitting needs arise.

3. For Small Hands

Every moment can be special when you spend it with your kids. Even cooking, cleaning, or yard work offers a chance for you to mentor, laugh, and learn. However, it can be tough to just hand a little kid a big rake or adult-sized laundry basket. This is where For Small Hands has you covered.

The Montessori-linked online store sells normal household items (think pitchers, brooms, and nylon knives) for kiddos. These aren’t toys, though. They’re scaled-down versions of the same tools and equipment you use. The only difference is they’re built for the younger set.

For Small Hands offers an online catalog filled with more stuff than you can imagine. Never again will you feel like your little one’s “too young” to be by your side. No matter what you’re doing, you can almost always make memories with your kids. You’ll feel better about your parenting when quality time’s so convenient to initiate throughout the day.

4. My First Workout

Exercise is vital for kids. Regrettably, many children don’t get enough cardio or strength-building playtime. It’s just too crazy sometimes. Additionally, the weather doesn’t always cooperate with outdoor green space adventuring.

My First Workout aims to solve this problem by helping you help your kids love activity. The company offers a special kit with free weights, yoga mat, and more. The kit is designed to encourage children to follow along with pre-programmed videos. The pay-gated videos are available on the site and vary in length from about 18 to 25 minutes.

Honored with a National Parenting Product Award in 2021, My First Workout seems to be a winning choice among parent testers. Best of all, you might just find that you have little excuse but to join your kiddo for some heart-pumping exercise. What could be better than improving your overall fitness as a family, especially after you’ve both had a hard day?

No doubt about it: Parenting can seem overwhelming, particularly if you’re running a business, too. Yet you don’t have to go it alone. Just leverage the innovative products and services on the market that can assist you in bringing up well-rounded, secure kids.