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3D Printing Could Save Your Startup Some Serious Cash [Infographic]

3D printing is undoubtedly super hot right now. Even though it’s been around for a such a short amount of time, we’re already able to print our own toys, scientists are making synthetic body parts, and there’s even a car coming out that originated in a 3D printer. The possibilities with this still new piece of tech are practically endless.



But what does that mean for your startup? It means that, like all up-and-coming tech, the 3D printer is soon going to be a must-have for everyone, including small businesses. If you’re worried about the cost of buying a 3D printer, check out this awesome infographic from the folks at Autodesk that breaks down the whole cost vs benefits of owning your own 3D printer.


(Pro tip: Especially useful if your co-founder is pulling the whole “But we’re bootstrapping” card.)



See the full-size infographic here.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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