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‘Start Up And Go’ The Crash Course – How To Start A Tech Company

It seems like the tech industry is always creating billionaires and if you have an idea worth pursuing this course will give you insight from experienced CEOs and founders of tech companies.



The Founder Institute, Startup Digest and Udemy have teamed up in creating this course for the preliminary steps required for how to start a tech company.


This course can’t guarantee that you’ll be a billionaire… but it IS packed full of information you can use not only for a technology company but any other venture you decide to take on.

The Course

The course is designed to help you create a strong foundation for your technology startup. It is divided into three topics – Startup Ideation, Startup Research and Startup Hiring, Firing and Co-Founders with over 12 lectures and five hours of content.


Startup Ideation

The startup ideation section shows you how to choose the best ideas and which ones to pursue. Everyone who comes up with an idea thinks it’s brilliant but understanding the components of a good technology business idea takes knowledge. You have to know what your key differentiator is, the type of business you will build, how it will make money and articulate your idea so it makes sense not only you but other people. The lectures are given by Phil Libin CEO of Evernote  and Adeo Ressi founder of and board member of the X-PRIZE Foundation.

Startup Research

The information of your startup research has to give you numbers that will convince you and investors your target market is big enough. The information also has to show your actual serviceable market and if the growth is fast enough to merit a startup. This lecture shows you how to find the information and interpret it. The lecture is given by Dan Shapiro the founder of Sparkbuy which was acquired by Google and CEO of Ontela, Joe Betts-LaCroix the founder of OQO creator of the worlds smallest PC and Jim Kaskade GM and Chief of Cloud at SIOS Technology Corporation.

Startup Hiring, Firing and Co-Founders

The third topic addresses possibly one of the most important subjects, the team of your new startup. Convincing talented people to take a chance on your idea is very difficult. You have to sell them on the potential of your idea. This lecture teaches you who you should hire and why at different stages of your startup, what type of structures works best for technology startups and how will investors be involved if you raise money. The lectures are given by Jonathan Abrams founder of Nuzzel, Asron Patzer responsible for which was purchased by Intuit and Jim Franklin CEO of SendGrid.

The Founder Institute

The Founder Institute has helped launch more than 500 tech companies in over 22 cities and five continents around the world. Their global network of startups and mentors is made up of experienced CEOs, managers and experts in their field.



Udemy enables anyone to learn or become a teacher online. According to Udemy their goal is to “disrupt and democratize the world of education”. Their platforms lets anyone build an online course using video, audio, PDFs, Power Point and other file systems so they can share their expertise. You can take courses in business, technology, arts and many other subjects. The price range for the courses start at $5 and can go as high as $250. They also have a large number of free courses available.



It  was created by Chris McCann to simplify joining the tech startup community. Their mission is to help you get the best resources to begin or join tech startups around the world. The information they provide is chosen by active founders, designers and investors.


If you have the skills, knowledge and backing, it is possible to establish a successful tech startup but it is not as easy as the 10 O’clock new makes it seem… It requires dedication, drive, hard work and dogged determination.


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The Founder Institute

Startup Digest


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