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StartupGrads.comMotivation is contagious like little else, and getting a new, young member into a team which is a bit worn out is unarguably the best way to get all the people who are part of it revitalized. The question is, where can one look for young talent to add to his company? And the answer is found nowhere else but on sites like this one.

As its name implies, StartupGrads is a site where people (specifically College students and graduates) can become connected with startup companies. Employers can publish job posts, and then students can apply to these postings either via email or by following the link to the employer?s website. Both full time positions and internships are listed on the site.

And as it was only to be expected, the site lets users sort jobs by recentness. It is possible to visualize the ones that have been posted in the previous day, week and month. And if you want to go back a full year, then that is also allowed. In Their Own Words

StartupGrads wants to connect fresh new graduates to exciting new startups! Join as an employer and make job posts today. Users can apply to your postings!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really immediate way for young talent to get picked up as soon as they leave college.

Some Questions About

How many jobs are listed on the site per day?

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