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What is the internet all about? Facebook, cat pictures, and porn, obviously. Okay, I’m clearly being facetious because – despite popular belief – the internet is full of so much awesome stuff that ISN’T porn or cat pictures. Realistically, the internet has so much stuff that it can be really hard to keep track of what’s important.


(Facebook, cat pictures, and porn… Duh. Maybe I should just stop writing here…)





One of my favorite things about this whole startup phenom is the constant search to create things that make life easier. When a good portion of your life is online (as is the case for this tech writer and for you, startup founder), tools to keep things organized are essential.


Here’s another thing: The internet isn’t only crowded with content but each individual site tends to be jam-packed with images, ads, and general sensory overload. While I absolutely love the fact that websites have arrived at the point where many are beautiful visual works, sometimes you just want a break.


Luckily for you (and me, and her, and him), there’s a site that addresses both the clutter of the internet and the clutter of ad-soaked webpages. STARTME is a customizable startpage that allows you keep track of all of the sites you visit on a daily basis, completely ad-free.




Simple, fast, and clutter-free

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a few sites that I check on the daily. I like to keep up on all the tech news, a little bit of celebrity gossip, and obviously my Trello is open 24/7.


STARTME lets me keep all of my important links on one super-simple site that has no images or ads or other flashy things that distract me. I just added in my email address and the site became fully customizable, allowing me to pick and choose which URLs are most important.


Get a handle on your browsing

They’ve done studies that show that the sound of text messages or instant messages releases the same shot of dopamine that other “seeking behaviors” (i.e. arousal, hunger, etc.) release. Every time you see the tab of a site flash with a message or some other notification, it’s really, really hard to resist clicking on it and seeing what happened.


With STARTME, however, you just have the URL of the site. No late-breaking info, no messages, nothing.


Plain, simple, and totally useful.


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