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Stay Versatile With Yodiz – An Agile Project Management Platform

With the right tool, even a disastrous project can go smoothly. For this to happen though, the team has to work together, the project has to be managed flawlessly – be reconsidered, reorganized, with the troops being redeployed precisely. What one tool can account for all of the expected and unexpected variables that inevitably surface?





A tool that is many tools, such as Yodiz, a cloud-based, agile project management platform. This all-in-one solution provides tools for planning and executing projects, responding to issues, tracking bugs, enhancing team collaboration and more.


Can you name a successful, static business? Didn’t think so. Completing work requires operating in flux, marshaling resources with the skill, speed, and the purpose of a rugby team. Yodiz provides a framework for this kind of work. An agile scrum tool, Yodiz makes moving team members and tasks around as simple as dragging and dropping them into their appropriate place. Kanban style task boards keep activities organized and easy to track visually.




While other project management tools highlight specific features, Yodiz strives to facilitate as many as necessary, when necessary, according to each crew’s needs. Regardless if a company needs to rapidly scale a project, maneuver during a sprint, discover and track bugs, Yodiz allows teams to respond with great flexibility.


More or less mandatory anymore, Yodiz operates on tablets and mobile devices as well as desktop, enabling fluid communication and group discussions. Interactive and intuitive boards present a clear picture of real-time progress of individual projects as well as overall action. What’s more, since productivity so often depends on a new tool’s ability to integrate seamlessly with existing protocol and tools, Yodiz is compatible with numerous other resources such as Dropbox, Box, Zendesk, Google Drive, and more.




Based in Helsinki, Finland, the team behind Yodiz has hands-on appreciation for the need to incorporate the unexpected into project development. The first two attempts at creating a unified management platform didn’t make the grade, but setbacks didn’t deter anyone. For three and a half years, work pressed on until the new and improved version of Yodiz was completed – with simplified navigation, increased single-click access to anything, improved pop-ups, and a more streamlined and easy-to-view menu.


Improved functionality has earned Yodiz clients in the airline and oil industries, government offices, and other medium to large-sized technology companies. Since all plans with Yodiz cover an unlimited number of projects and data storage, packages are priced according to the number of users. An account for up to three users is free, while premium packages begin at $5 a month per user. Check here for additional pricing details. Take a video tour of Yodiz here.


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Author : Keith Liles

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