Worthy Disrupts The Luxury Goods Auction Site

A lot of people worldwide invest in high-end goods as a way of saving money but, when the time comes, selling luxury items can be a pain. You don’t know how much the thing is actually worth, you don’t know what the market is, and you don’t know where to put it up for sale.


That’s where sites like Worthy come in.

Rather than take a gamble on selling your diamond jewelry or fancy watch on your own, you can entrust it to the experts at Worthy luxury goods auction site. They’ll appraise your item, clean it, put it up for auction, and pass the money along to you.



“Worthy provides sellers with many advantages including complete safety from buyer’s fraud, multiple bids from only interested and relevant buyers, and lastly, guaranteed binding offers (‘no regrets’) from buyers,” Worthy founder and CEO Ben De-Kalo said in a press release.


Here are the types of items they accept:


Get rid of those unwanted goods.

The very first step to selling your luxury goods is registering with Worthy. After that, choose the category that fits your item and answer a few questions from the site.


Based on that information, the experts at Worthy will give you an initial estimate on the value of your item. If it sounds good to you, they provide a prepaid shipping label for you to send in your item. Once it arrives, they’ll clean, evaluate, and authenticate your item. Following that process, they’ll write up a detailed description and put it up for auction!



The selling process.

Worthy auctions present luxury goods specifically to buyers around the world who have expressed interest in that type of item. They last for 24 hours, a time limit that instills a sense of urgency in bidders.


At the end of the auction, Worthy will let you know what the highest bid was and, once you’ve approved, will pass on the money to you via PayPal, minus their 5-20% cut, depending on the ultimate size of the auction.


So if you’re looking to get rid of an expensive piece of jewelry or two, why not forgo the other companies and give Worthy a try?


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