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Wordgram, Learn A Foreign Language Without Going Crazy [Beta-Mined]

I’m so tired of language programs or apps that promise the moon and the stars. Learn a foreign language in 3 days! Gimme a break. Unless you’re among the lucky few wired during childhood to pick up new languages quickly – or we figure out how to download languages directly into our cerebral cortex, Matrix-style – speedy learning ain’t happening.





For most of us, learning a foreign language is a process that involves practice, repetition, multiple exercises, lots of time, a few moments of absurd joy, and an initiation phase loaded with frustration. So, why not an app that simply strives to make the whole venture a little bit easier and more fun, that lets us sneak in practice here and there when we don’t have the luxury of enrolling in an intensive, immersion course?


Doesn’t Require Huge Amounts of Motivation!

The introduction to Wordgram on Beta List is poetry to language learners’ mouths, no matter the native tongue: “…it doesn’t require huge amounts of motivation”; “…you learn many times a day, and each learning session can take as little as 15-30 seconds, which greatly reduces the power of your delaying tactics.” Yes! Perfect!




This startup from Poland is not to be confused with Instagram’s text app or CNET’s anagram app. (They may need to reconsider their name before release if they want to better stand out in the crowd.)


Wordgram is a mobile app for learning foreign languages (coming soon to Android) that’s more learning buddy than tormentor. It offers users a handy dictionary and quick translations. You can also try out your own translations and then edit or correct them later. The app supplies flashcards (with a twist) for reinforcing vocabulary.


Similar to the Pimsleur recordings, based on timed repetitions, Wordgram lets users set up automatic reminders and repeat words and phrases as often as necessary. Wordgram keeps track of progress, so it’s possible to build upon learning. Learners who still like a dose of punishment or reward can view reports of their performance.




Wordgram makes it easy to build up a vocabulary at each individual’s pace as well as continue learning in-between or after additional coursework. Language classes tend to fry the beginners brain, so this app is a less demanding learning tool that encourages people to keep advancing.


More options, which may emerge as paid features, include speech recognition, speech synthesis and automatic translation. Visit for more details. Leave your email address to receive notification when the app launches or to become an early beta tester. Happy learning!


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