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Can Online Classifieds Make A Comeback? [Beta-Mined]

The space for online classifieds has turned into a quaint corner, somewhat of a relic similar to its paper cousins. In its place have sprung up a multitude of community platforms, social networks, curated marketplaces, search and discovery engines of both great variety and specificity – many of which are fantastic, but also less… neighborly.




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Local businesses have numerous channels to introduce themselves to customers. People can connect on websites of virtually any theme. The online experience, though, has lost some of the community charm that used to come with seeing everything for sale nearby, gathering around the sandwich boards and scoping out offers.


Craigslist did a great job of transporting the old model of newspaper classifieds online. Text, however, served print better than it does webpages, where image garners more attention than words. Is there a way to update online classifieds that restores their usefulness and immediacy?


Wompit believes so. Wompit is an online classifieds driven by graphics, that hopes to appeal through its emphasis on what’s local and social. Once again, Wompit combines a business directory, local search engine, and place for the community to buy and sell goods at one destination. Visitors can find anything from furniture to real estate, used goods, and upcoming events on the same site.



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Pictures make for a visually engaging design. This should help entice bargain hunters back to the classified format. Wompit also serves as a source for coupons and sales, and gives business owners the opportunity to offer mobile friendly discounts. And community members can sell unwented items rather than ditch them – “If you don’t want it, Wompit.


Wompit unifies offerings much like traditional classifieds, reversing the course of a fractured market that is disassociated from the community itself. Wompit began in Orangeville, Ontario, out of a single founder’s garage. It has since grown to serve communities across Canada and is looking to spread internationally.


By integrating with social media and relying on geolocation technology, Wompit aims to put the local back into classifieds not just for cities but for small communities as well. Cost-effective advertising for businesses, a valuable public resource – everyone wins.


The formula is winning. Sign up early and see if Wompit will prove a hit in your hometown.


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Author : Keith Liles

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