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Get All The Gifts On Your List With Wishyeah

I know that holiday creep is a real problem in the States and that these days it feels like the Christmas decorations go up before the Halloween ones even come down. I totally get not wanting to participate in the crazy that is the holiday season, so I want to make sure that you all know that the startup I’m sharing today is about gifts but it’s not just for the holidays.



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With that disclaimer, let me introduce Wishyeah, a new way to find things that you want and organize them into wish lists. You can create a wish list for the holidays, a birthday, or just because you like looking at pretty things online.


“We are trying to reach college students as our users (although not limited to…) – the wishers. We believe that they will like and enjoy Wishyeah a lot because they get to let their families know what they really want or need for the holidays, for their student live… including gifts, books, supplies… anything else they may be wishing for.”

– Marina at Wishyeah


Wishyeah users have the option of making their wish lists public, which brings in a social element. When something you’ve wished for is re-wished or looked at by another user, it increases the chances of it being a featured product on Wishyeah. They envision it as a way for people to start new trends and gain a following as trendsetters.


“Wishyeah has genuine user generated content. Unlike other sites, we don’t promote products for any stores via wish lists, we don’t “push” inventory to our users. We don’t per-populate wish lists with items. Our business model is for users to capture and share what they really want.”

– Marina at Wishyeah


You can also choose to make your lists private, if your focus is more on creating lists just for your family and friends than it is on making a name for yourself. You can create lists for anything from your birthday to the holidays to any other major life event.


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Wishyeah is also great gift givers with picky loved ones in their lives. You know the type – you just can’t ever think of what to get them. Why not “subtly” suggest that they hop onto Wishyeah and start putting together lists? Once the list is made, you’ll be able to click directly on the image in order to go right to the online store and purchase it.


For those of you who do everything on mobile now, you can also browse Wishyeah from your mobile device to find the perfect gifts even when you’re on the go.


Those of you who love the holiday season – it’s time to get going. And those of you who don’t? Have a little fun dreaming about next birthday present. Go ahead. You know you want to.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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