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Save Time And Money Finding The Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season With WishMindr Online Wishlist Creator And Reminder Service



There’s something uncomfortable about telling someone directly what you’d like to receive as a gift, even if you’ve been asked point blank. What if they feel obligated to purchase something they’d prefer not buying or can’t afford? On the other hand, giving an undesired gift wastes everyone’s energy and good intentions. In time for the holiday season, WishMindr is a new online wishlist creator and reminder service that offers a simple solution to these awkward scenarios.




WishMindr is a website where you can create gift wish-lists. Make as many wish-lists as you like – for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion – using this free, online service. Browse images through a Pinterest inspired layout to find matching products for items on each list. Then share wish-lists directly with contacts from mailing lists or by manually entering email addresses. What’s more, WishMindr will send reminders with links to wish-lists and images of products, providing a handy mental refresher. Friends and family can choose which gifts they’d like to give from a selection that they know will bring delight and joy.


The Informal Registry

When people get married it’s common to create a registry to coordinate gifts and to let generous guests know how to best support a young couple. Well, it only makes sense to apply this practice for other gift giving occasions. With our scattered families and busy lives, it’s hard to keep tabs on what our dear ones would like or might need. Yet, most events in our lives don’t necessitate such a formal system as the wedding registry. WishMindr lands in that sweet middle, giving users a place to create meaningful wish-lists while offering a way to communicate easily and casually.





Holiday Magic

Instead of waiting in insane lines during the holiday season, WishMindr is a great way to browse and buy gifts for friends and family without leaving home. And everyone is spared the nuisance and time drain of returning unwanted gifts or things that don’t fit. Wish-lists include links to online retailers and retail store websites such as Amazon,, and eBay. Login or sign up at WishMindr using Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Twitter.


Tis the Season for Social Gifting

Facebook once again may have stolen the biggest headlines with the release of Facebook Gifts, allowing members to buy and send gifts to friends. The social networking site formed partnerships with numerous retailers, subscription services, and even charitable donations. But that doesn’t mean the company covered all the angles. There’s still the primary task of figuring out the best gift to give someone. That’s where the WishMindr service fills a void.





The two companies might prove to be great companions. Facebook’s birthday reminders save lots of users from missing those important dates. WishMindr’s gift lists and reminders would certainly help clarify wishes and improve the odds of them all coming true.


The Mind Behind The Lists And Reminders

John Wright founded WishMindr under the umbrella of WRIGHTLABS, his technology company based in L.A. Other WRIGHTLABS projects include Got Free Shipping? (find items on eBay that offer free shipping), ThyNews (a customized, news aggregating platform), and AskJot (a tool for analyzing web pages for keywords, and for searching multiple services around the web simultaneously). For more information regarding the WishMindr online wishlist creator and reminders , visit


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