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WigWag – An Intelligent System Makes The Smart Home Even Smarter

How many smart devices does it take to light a light bulb?

wigwag system




Having control over the Internet of Things that will no doubt fill our homes with smart devices is no laughing matter. No one wants the stereo turning on in the middle of the night at full volume, the kitchen lights going off while preparing dinner, or the introduction of a new brand’s ceiling fan shutting down the entire home.


WigWag is an application platform that keeps things simple, ensuring that our automated world stays smart and manageable.


An exclusive package available on Fundable includes a colorable, dimmable LED bulb; a communication hub; and an environmental sensor block. Together these pieces create a unified system of compatible smart devices and easy-to-operate controls.


Thinking Lights On

WigWag’s LED bulb has a life span of 30,000 hours, which means you could go 20 years without having to change the filament. Since it dims and is colorable (64 million colors), offers different intensities of white, it’s possible to change the mood and feel of a room how you like. Given this kind of longevity and flexibility – that’s one hell of a smart light.


Thanks to the hub and the sensor, the lights can be set to respond to any number of conditions. If the clouds suddenly break and sun streams into the room, the lights might dim. You no longer need to wonder if you left the light on in the garage. That light can be programmed to turn on and off along with the opening and closing of the door.






The WigWag sensor responds to motion, temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, button, magnetic contact closure, and an IR receiver, which gives users tremendous freedom to create custom conditions.


Easy To Control

It doesn’t take an advanced computer science degree to use WigWag. You only have to plug it in and download the app. Since it’s cloud-based, you can rest assured you have control no matter where you are. To add new devices, you simply scan them into the system with a smartphone.


No fancy configurations of wireless dialogs are required. Automating actions is as simple as setting up “When this, then that” rules; for example – when the clock strikes midnight, turn off the downstairs lights.






WigWag is built with open source technology. This means that there won’t be any future hassles trying to maintain an automated space as new devices and applications become available – no need to reprogram the show or adapt to proprietary coding. What’s more, USB portals and connection to services like email, Twitter, and Dropbox open up even more possibilities.


Smart technology shouldn’t make a person feel stupid. In essence, WigWag has your smart homes and offices speaking your language and lit up to your specifications rather than making you feel overwhelmed by the Internet of Things.


WigWag is currently a finalist in the Crowd2Shelf contest, a joint effort run by Fundable and Staples. With a little help from the crowd, their products may soon land in Staples stores and on the Staples website. If you think their platform is a bright idea, visit their crowdfunding profile and show them some support!


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Author : Keith Liles

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