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Need An Explainer Video But Don’t Have The Cash? Wideo Has You Covered

I don’t know if you heard, but Buenos Aires is the place to be for startups. A recent article in outlines some of the many reasons – cheap cost of living, entrepreneurial attitude, and a robust startup community, to name just a couple – you should be considering the land of tango, cheap (delicious) wine, beautiful architecture, parties that go all night, and the best steak you’ll ever eat as the headquarters for your operation.



KillerStartups has deep roots in Buenos Aires and we’ve decided to pair up with their premier startup organization, Startup Buenos Aires, to feature the best of the best startups emerging from their burgeoning scene.   startup buenos airesThe first company we want to introduce you to is Wideo, an online video making app that lets you create videos for anything from presentations to product demos to lessons. Well known in the Buenos Aires scene as being one of the startups that’s successfully pushing beyond the Argentine borders, Wideo notably participated in the 500 Startups incubator.   KillerStartups caught up with co-founder Agu De Marco to learn a little bit more about what Wideo does, how it can help startups around the world, and the answers to a couple of very Argentine-specific questions. Check it out!




Give me your elevator pitch. Go!

Startups, businesses, and educators need videos to explain their product or services. The problem is that a professional video can cost $5-10K, so businesses need another option. Our product is free and allows anyone to create an awesome video.


What makes Wideo better than the competitors?

We offer more features, graphics, and tutorials than our competitors. Also our free version offers much more for our users.


How can your company benefit customers in countries other than Argentina?

Our product is online, so really anyone can use it! We have a huge Argentina fanbase from word-of-mouth marketing, but anyone can use Wideo!


Who’s your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer is anyone who wants to explain a concept or idea via video. Now that video is becoming more and more popular, our ideal customer is anyone who loves using this medium.


Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 2.20.16 PM


Tell us about the number one hardest struggle you’ve gone through as a startup founder.

The hardest thing is to find the perfect people to join in the venture. Finding people with technical background and the drive to join a startup can be tough.


How did you overcome that struggle?

We never, ever lower our standards of hiring, and we’re always recruiting for Wideo!


No startup founder knows what they’re doing at the beginning. Where do you find the best tips on the daily
issues that come up when you’re running a startup?

For us, we joined 500 Startups very early on, and the advice we received in this organization has helped us along the way. For daily tips, we regularly follow technology blogs such as Mashable and The Next Web, so we’re always aware of up and coming trends.


What’s your favorite wine?

Chateau Vieux Tinto de bodegas Lopez


And the most important question: traditional calabasa or glass/ceramic mate?



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