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Want To Invest But Don’t Want To Deal With Wall Street? Wherewithal Has You Covered

Money management is not something that most people do well. It’s a skill we learn – or don’t learn – from our parents and it can be very hard to build or keep good habits once you’re older than, say, twelve.





It is possible, however, and it’s much easier to do with help than it is to do it alone. Wherewithal is one site that is aiming to help every day folks meet their saving and investment goals, no matter what their experience or habits are.


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What they do:

While Wall Street can seem like a chaotic mess to the outside observer – especially after the last crash – Wherewithal is committed to bringing the basics of investment back to the every day person. They do that in a few different ways.


First of all, Wherewithal helps online shoppers save money by offering discounts with their partner brands. Saving money means you have more money to put away or invest, so it’s a great first step for you to take with Wherewithal.


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They also offer this service before you even open an investment account. Because you’re getting cash rewards, Wherewithal lets you accumulate those rewards until you feel ready to upgrade to an investment account, using the money you saved through their discounts to start down the road of investment.


They also manage your investment portfolio for you, including all of your trades. This is great for folks who don’t know much about investing and need the guidance of experienced professionals and also great for people who do know something about investment but don’t have the time or energy to focus on building up their portfolio.


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Investments you can afford.

While traditional investment banking comes at a steep price, Wherewithal charges $10 a month, plus 0.25% of your annual balance. If your balance is under $40,000, they’ll also waive up to $20 in fees every year.


For that low price, you get all of your management services, all trade costs, and all basic brokerage services covered. There are no excessive fees, no hidden fees, and you can count on Wherewithal to invest according to your goals.


A founder with your best interest in mind.

Wherewithal founder and CEO Sam Das.

Sam Das, Founder/CEO

Founder Sam Das worked for more than ten years in financial services and felt like the whole process could be simplified and demystified for everyday consumers. With Wherewithal, Sam is providing a new incentive for people to save and invest.


Whether you’re new to investing or an experienced investor who just doesn’t have time anymore to manage your portfolio, take advantage of Sam’s experience and get onboard with Wherewithal.



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