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Websites Built For Speed At AutoCorner

Everybody needs a website in this day and age and not everybody knows how to make one. As a result, companies have sprouted up that focus on creating websites for specific industries. One such site is AutoCorner, which helps used car dealerships set up websites and provide a full used car dealer marketing service to help them increase their visibility and sales.



Fast Websites for Fast Cars

With two programmers as founders, one of the major things AutoCorner focuses on is speed. They want to make sure every car dealership site they create is fast enough to keep customers from clicking away in the attention deficit era of internet.




Co-founders Steven Carlson and Albert Dewey point out on their site that a slow loading site costs the business owner money and is ranked lower by Google. They say that their websites for car dealers load an average 400% faster than sites on other systems, which is a pretty impressive number.




Speed Test Comparison – AutoCorner vs. “The Others Guys”


A Focus on Design

AutoCorner designs their sites with the goal of keeping the customer happy through ease-of-use. They provide a “click to dial” button for the mobile version and, speaking of mobile, all of their sites are mobile responsive, which is essential now that more and more people are accessing the internet primarily through their phones.



If you’re not a techy person, terms like search engine optimization can be… daunting. AutoCorner takes care of all SEO needs with automatic optimization through their patent-pending automotive SEO technology.




Speaking of automation, AutoCorner also sends out all listings to a range of classifieds sites, making vehicles available beyond the brick and mortar shops where they reside. AutoCorner also takes care of Facebook and Twitter for you, making social sharing that much easier.



For car dealers who want to keep track of analytics (and anyone with a website should be keeping track), AutoCorner offers a real-time map showing where website visitors are coming from both geographically and online. They also offer reports on the top keywords and search engine searches to give users even more in-depth info.




So What Does It Cost?

AutoCorner offers all of these benefits – and a bunch more that I just can’t list but you can check out here – at the impressively low price of $499 per year. I’m not totally up-to-date on what used cars are going for these days, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the cost of one sale probably covers it and more. Considering it’s all automated and signing up means pretty much no work on the car dealer’s end once things are set up, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.


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