With Realtime Website Monitoring And Escalation, Webmon Is Your Website Watchdog


Internet entrepreneurs make their money from the web services they provide. Obvious statement. So, one of the most important elements of running a successful online business is being able to monitor its activity. And, if you’ve got more than one online service, then an efficient monitoring and escalation service is essential. Say hello to Webmon.





The Website Watchdog

The SF-based Webmon is a realtime website monitoring and escalation service, making sure your online services – sites, blogs, DNS, email, cloud/SaaS apps, etc. – are up and running properly. If there’s an error, or something isn’t performing well, Webmon will alert the appropriate person via email and sms so the problem can be addressed. Think of it as your website watchdog.


How it Works

There are a lot of website monitoring services in the market, but Webmon is comprehensive, with unique features to make sure it’s done right. These features include:


  • Realtime Dashboard – Take all your important graphs, combine them to compare uptime and performances from different regions, all in realtime.
  • Multi-Stage Escalations – If something is going wrong, Webmon will notify the right person before escalating further. During an outage, incident status and its logs will update in realtime so you can keep track of the incident.
  • Custom Triggers – You can customize what notifications you want to receive from Webmon, including page upload delays, DNS queries, or anything that will disrupt your customer’s experience. You can even set thresholds for Webmon to start an escalation when detected.





Other features include, rich reporting to keep in touch with your network, DNS monitoring, multi-user roles, etc. Check out all of Webmon’s unique features here.


Transaction Monitoring

If your website requires many steps with cookie/sessions passed along, Webmon helps you monitor these pages including the login process, REST API, shopping cart, etc., so you can make sure the whole process runs smoothly. We’re talking deep HTTP transaction monitoring that’s super easy to set-up. Check out Webmon’s blog to see how you can create your own Transaction Monitor.


Public Status Pages

Webmon’s latest feature is Public Status Pages which allows you to create and customize a public status page to share with your customers and communicate your uptime and service level objective (SLO). You can even brand your Public Status Page the way you want (custom domain, change look and feel). Again, easy set-up, just select the monitors to be displayed in the public page, give them a public name and boom. You’re ready to reach your customers.





Monitoring your website on a daily basis is absolutely essential if you want to run a successful online service. Webmon‘s unique features allow you to monitor, in realtime, all the essential elements to make that happen. Check it out, start your free trial, and see for yourself just how useful Webmon can be.



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