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It’s the voice that matters most, the one you need to hear most often, most clearly. The voice you need to answer to if you’re going to run a successful business – and while the same might very well hold true for the voice in your head, it’s not the one to focus on now. You need to listen, of course, to the voice of the customer. And Vocaliti ensures that you hear customers in real-time, loud and clear.



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Vocaliti is a VOC platform for small and medium-sized businesses. This self-service product automates the process of collecting feedback from multiple channels, so that business owners can spend less time on gathering feedback and more time on implementing changes that will grow and improve business.


Vitalize Your Business

The good news is that customers have a variety of ways to give feedback these days at all the various stages of their experience with goods and services – web feedback forms, email and online customer satisfaction surveys, SMS feedback, SOCIAL MEDIA, IVR and telephone customer satisfaction surveys, and on and on. Trying to keep up with each comment, devoting sufficient attention to all the data coming in order to understand the big picture, are hopeless tasks without assistance.


Vocaliti voice of customer software frees business owners of this tedious labor while allowing a continuous 24/7 stream of customer feedback to keep rolling in. From anyplace, to whatever device you prefer, Vocaliti delivers feedback to an interactive dashboard in real-time. Anytime your customers interact with you.



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Does anyone really care how or where feedback is collected? Of course not missing opportunities is important, and so is gathering the right information, but, at the end of the day, one question stands apart: How can you improve the customer’s experience? Vocaliti takes care of the how and the where of collecting feedback so that owners can concentrate on answering this paramount question.


Vocaliti is currently in public beta. Like the bootstrapping companies that they wish to help, they’re starting lean with an MVP and by watching metrics. The feedback experts want to make sure they develop a product that delivers the right feedback from different channels into the dashboard that their customers want.


However, the team behind the software is certainly not beginning from scratch. Vocaliti is an international, self-service version of the successful OutsideIn SaaS solution from New Zealand-based Touchpoint Ltd. In 2000, Touchpoint stormed into the enterprise space with a digital multi-channel marketing platform. They’ve taken all that they’ve learned from working with major organizations in financial services, telecoms, utilities, and consumer goods and they’re using it to save business owners time and help them improve customer interactions.



Team Vocaliti



Co-founder and CEO, Frank van der Velden has over 25 years of experience with technology-based companies and digital marketing companies, and thrives on the potential to disrupt legacy business systems. Partner and CTO, Steve Shearman is the product architect who loves solving problems with data-driven technology. They’ve worked with numerous agencies and brands including Adidas, ANZ, McDonald’s, ASB Bank, Fonterra, Subway, Samsung, AA Insurance and Telecom.


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