Take Control Of Your Support Service With Vision Helpdesk – Multi-Company Management Software


The opportunities to work from home or a remote office have never been greater. Providing support for many companies remains a great way to stay employed in an uncertain economy. This work can be lucrative, liberating, but also chaotic. Vision Helpdesk is software designed to manage workflow and keep seeing straight.





A Full-Service Satellite Help Desk

This SaaS solution by thevisionworld.com, is web-based help desk software that allows users to manage support for multiple companies and products in one central location. Vision Helpdesk creates a single front-end connection to numerous companies. A variety of features, including multiple domain accommodation, make it an all-in-one satellite help desk assistant.


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Your Own Help Desk Help

Vision Helpdesk software makes life easier for the support provider in numerous ways. First, it stores all those passwords and usernames in one location to save the time squandered tracking them down and re-entering them over and over. Vision Helpdesk facilitates customer support of all kinds – responding to web forms, Twitter, Facebook, or phone calls.


Interact with customers however you need. Create tickets, send emails, establish forums, respond to bug reports, manage downloads and more. Not to mention, Vision Helpdesk works as a cloud host of all the information accumulated regarding both clients and staff at multiple companies.





Metrics collect and shape data, so generating reports (with illustrative charts, figures and tables) for either clients or supervisors requires minimal effort. The Vision Helpdesk also functions as a private social hub for communicating with other staff members – allowing for discussions, file sharing, distributing presentations and other forms of dialogue.


Take care of all your billing needs using Vision Helpdesk as well. Software addresses the following business activities and more:


  • Prepaid and Postpaid Billing
  • Managing Credit
  • Creating Invoices
  • Taxation
  • Per Minute, Hourly, Per Post, Multi-currency Bill Tracking


Sachin Jadhav heads Vision Helpdesk, which began as a web-hosted, technical support company in 2005. Encountering the various client management, billing, and issue management needs of support crews firsthand, they began building their own software solution. Originally ThinkSoftwares.Net, the help desk software has been evolving steadily over the last five years. The company now serves over 5,000 organizations.





Vision Helpdesk offers a free, thirty-day trial period. Monthly plans, depending upon the number of companies you’re working with, run from $24 up to $119. A mobile edition is available as well. Follow Vision Helpdesk on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, visit here.


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