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A Freelance Platform Worth Watching

Writers, editors, translators, designers, coders, legal professionals, local service providers, etc. – in more and more industries, there’s already an online platform that connects professionals with those in need of professional services. Know who’s been missing from the list?



Video talent. Which is a huge surprise given how important video is to the Internet.


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Businesses have several uses for video – testimonial interviews, web tutorials, creative advertising, original content. Explainer videos have proven themselves powerful tools that convert visitors into customers, as the example of Dropbox illustrates dramatically.


DIY videos seldom impress, while plenty of businesses, especially startups, can’t afford expensive digital firms – so, unless a company has had in-house talent, options have been limited.



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Videolance ( looks to step in smartly and fill the hole, which earns them Best In Beta honors this week. This online platform gives businesses and video specialists a place to connect. What’s more, it showcases talent superbly.


Enough with the kitchen sink already

Sure, filters allow users to narrow options down to the type of workers that they’re looking to hire, but who needs extra steps. Videolance features artists or developers with video, audio, and graphic skills suited to finish a variety of video projects. This format spares searchers the trouble of sorting through profiles that don’t pertain to the task at hand and gives video professionals the space they deserve.


No Hide-and-seek

The work of individuals on Videolance can be viewed on any device, a thoughtful touch considering that people expect to switch between desktop and mobile without any trouble. Work is easy to find and assess. Freelance platforms often focus on prospective projects and fees, excluding work samples, which arguably are the most telling indicators if a person is or is not right for a job.


Videolance not only gives professionals a space to advertise their work, find jobs, and connect with others, but does them the added favor of showcasing their work attractively.



videolance mobile



So, great resource for businesses looking to find video specialists, a desirable network for video professionals looking to market their skills. Don’t be surprised if this community explodes. Visit to request an invite and learn more.


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