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Viddy – 15 Second Videos To Boost Your Social Media Campaigns Sky High



Why is making a video so fun on a portable device? Well, for me there’s something about the fact that the camera I’m using is so small and easy to bring along with me, just about anywhere. That, and the fact that most of the videos I make are of friends doing hilarious things to make me laugh.


There’s been a lot of discussion lately about whether or not video should be incorporated into social media marketing campaigns. There are good arguments on both sides of the table about this topic although overall when it’s done right it can really give you that extra edge.





Viddy It

When most people think of video for online marketing they think of a short, but indefinite amount of time in which sell their product. Well, this is only partly right.


For example, there’s an app called Viddy available for multiple types of smart-phone platforms that allows users to make 15-second videos that users can then post to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For anyone looking to get his or her feet wet in video based marketing, then Viddy is the perfect solution.


15 seconds allows you to be direct and to the point. Why not give it a shot?





So How Could I Use It?

There are so many great ways you could use short 15-second video clips to sell your product or brand via social media!  If a user clicks and ahead of time knows it’ll be 15 seconds of the their time, instead of a few minutes, then they’ll most likely go and ahead and watch.


Lets look at five really great ways you could get started using Viddy to spice up your online campaigns:


1. Public Events:  A short video telling customers about an event your startup is participating in is an excellent way to reach out to your customer base. Not only that, you could even share videos on events that you will be attending as a spectator which could in turn into valuable networking opportunities. Cha-Ching!


2. The Latest News:  Short videos are perfect to let users and customers know about your startup’s news. Tell them about your latest funding, your new office loft, or the article we published about you on KillerStartups.


3. Advice and Tips:  This is where you can get creative and draw attention to your startup. What can you talk about or demonstrate in 15 seconds about your product that will show how easy your product is to use while also getting someone started with it. Sell it baby!


4. Backstage:  Give your customers the backstage or behind the scenes in 15 seconds. Ask a developer a quick question and let him answer it. Make it personal and human – your customers will relate easier to your startup this way!


5. Get A Witness:  Happy customers will add much more credibility to your product when it’s a video and not a written quote. At your next event, seek out customers who would be willing to record a testimonial for your startup. It’ll work wonders.





Those are five simple ways in which you can use a 15-second video to help market your startup and brand via social media. Take a few minutes to write down some ideas, get creative, and get shooting!


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Author : Sam Melon

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