Wanna Make Money Online? Go To Venforo – The Trusted Marketplace For Online Businesses


So, you’re an established web business owner looking to sell your online venture. Or, maybe you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new web business to acquire. Either way, venforo is THE trusted marketplace for all you web business buyers and sellers to check out.


Venforo – The Venture Forum

Venforo makes it simple for buyers and sellers to make successful sale transactions of web ventures. Now, we’re not talking any web ventures. This is a marketplace of established, quality web businesses where entrepreneurs can easily list, promote, search, bid, buy and close directly between buyer and seller.





The Seller to Buyer Benefit

The forum is built for sellers and buyers to communicate directly with each other, making the transaction more effective and efficient. Venforo lets sellers promote the sale of their site the way they see fit, and gives them a confidential and secure place to interact directly with potential buyers. According to the site, this communication helps to “mutually optimize return on investment.”


Who is the site for?

Initially focused on established online businesses in North America, venforo facilitates the due dilligence process, as well as help purchase contract negotiations and transfer tangible assets at the end of an auction. The site’s listing structure, which allows buyers to search for web ventures via type, industry and price (and cuts out low-quality sites), hopes to attract business owners of:


  • B2C
  • e-tailers
  • dropship resellers
  • B2B distributors


Best Practices

Venforo even goes as far as including a wealth of original articles detailing best practices and strategies for both buyers and sellers of online businesses. For example, sellers should always create an eye-catching listing to attract buyers and include a compelling title. And, there’s a detailed Closing Guide for post-sale practice. Venforo also has an informative blog, venforo Connect, to further guide web business buyers and sellers.





What Makes Venforo So Killer?

Venforo was created by serial entrepreneur Jon Berman who, after his own disappointing experience buying and selling online businesses, wanted to build a trusted auction marketplace for  self-actualized entrepreneurs to find buyers for their web based businesses. Says Jon:





“We want all participants in our marketplace to have positive outcomes before, during and after the sale.  I pride myself in trying to provide a personal touch for all venforo market participants.


Check out venforo and find out why it’s where entrepreneurs meet opportunity. And, check out the auction listings ending soon, like this niche social networking site for higher education going for a cool $500,000. Or, this maid service business in Oklahoma asking $10,000. There’s something for everyone!


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