Want To Know All The Demographics Of One Zip Code? USZip.com Will Hook You Up


I covered Synonyms.net a few months back and the team over at the extensive Stands4 Network have done it again with USZip.com. Obviously, knowing and efficiently targeting your customers is crucial for business success; USZip gives you all the demographics you could dream of, simply by typing in a zip code or place. Here’s the lowdown.



Co-Founder and Chief Editor Rinat Ben Efraim



USZip.com- The Demographic King

The site is simple to use and seriously informative. From crime rate to how many hospitals are around, your zip code and place search on USZip will come up with an extensive list of demographics including:


  • Map with total population, housing units, land area, density, water area.
  • Gender and age
  • Household sizes
  • Housing units
  • What percent of the population is what age
  • Race
  • Economic data
  • Commuting data
  • Employment info
  • Schools, libraries and universities
  • Hospitals and hotels
  • Crime rates





Each category of statistics is accompanied by a colorful info graphic for all the visual thinkers out there. The layout of all the demographics are streamlined and easy to understand. And interesting, might I add. For instance, if you type in 90210 (probably the most famous zip code ever), the site comes up with Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas (West Hollywood and LA). On the left hand you have the state flag of California and a blurb about the state. Following are all all the stats listed above; the crime rates of Beverly Hills compared to LA are, let’s just say, significantly different.


The Stands4 Network

USZip is part of the larger Stands4 Network, an extensive group of free reference websites that have won awards such as Writer’s Digest “Best Websites for 2005”, and the American Library Association’s “Best Free Reference Web Sites 2012”. The network includes awesome reference resources like:


  • Convert.net– an online conversions calculator for a variety of unit measurements featuring natural language queries.
  • Definitions.net– online multilingual dictionary that provides instant lookup and translations of word and phrase definitions, complete with images.
  • Phrases.net– a large collection of common phrases, casual expressions and idioms that can be browsed, searched, rated, heard and translated to several languages.





For a business owner, strategically targeting your audience and retaining customers is key in the success of your business. Location demographics play a very important role in this, and USZip.com is an incredibly informative reference that will help you know who and what are around you and your business. It’s also just interesting for average Joes like me. Palm Harbor, Florida, my hometown and where I’m currently residing, is 72 degrees today, and the state of Florida is the 4th most populated state in the US. I love factoids.


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