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URL2Picture: See How Your Site Looks In Every Browser

People like options. Different people like different browsers and your website needs to cater to this. Maybe you have full faith in your tech guy, or maybe YOU are the tech guy, but every now and then you will probably come across the need to check how a particular part of your site looks on different browsers.



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I’m a Chrome kid through and through, but I have a lot of friends who are far too advanced for such a pedestrian way of viewing content online. Apparently Opera is browser for cool. Point is – a website has to look good for both me and my cool friends. If you are looking for a way to check how your site looks for your clientele in its entirety, URL2Picture¬†could be just the thing.


Brought to you by compatibility pros

Created by the folks behind BrowseEmAll, URL2Picture is a simple no-nonsense screenshot API. Finally, you don’t need to be an expert in graphical user interface to make sure your online content and graphics are compatible across different browsers.


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URL2Picture provides users with screenshots of their site using all of the major internet browsers, including older versions of Internet Explorer. The guys at URL2Picture say that they deliver full page screenshots “in real time,” which helps keep users updated on how their site looks to any given user at any given time.


On top of offering full page screenshots, users can request specific view port size (as long as it is under 1600 X 1200). Plugins are also taken into account and are a non-issue. Flash, Silverlight, and even WordPress are all totally kosher. They seem pretty accommodating and welcome users to contact them if they have a super specialized plugin that needs to be taken into account.


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URL2Picture also has an automated API feature that lets users integrate right onto an app, reporting protocol, or site/build management.


Screenshots made simple

URL2Picture has made requesting screenshots and getting API documentation incredibly easy. Users need to have their API and Secret keys on hand to verify that the site is actually theirs. After that, it’s as simple as specifying the parameters they want and bingo! They get the information they were looking for.


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URL2Picture has clearly kept their users’ needs in mind when developing their API. They’ve kept it simple, but made sure that their platform could be integrated easily into a large range of blogging and CMS. The internet is a huge place, and keeping track of the different plugins and browsers real users are utilizing isn’t easy, but it’s awesome these guys were up to the task. Now we all have one more thing we can check off our “wait is my site actually up and running” lists.


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Author : Adam Corl

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