Uphandle: The New Tool In Branding

Blogging has come a long way from the dark creepy dorm rooms it started in. What started off as a new form of journaling (because seriously what’s cooler than keeping a journal?) has grown into a force that governments, social movements, and companies can’t ignore. The amount of information we get everyday from blogs is astounding. From guerrilla journalism to lifestyle hacks, the way we see the world and how we interact with it has been dramatically effected by this publishing format.


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This sea of information is great for consumers, but a real challenge for people trying to carve out a brand for themselves or their company. There are countless articles on how to get your content noticed by the public. Conspiracy theories of Google pulling a 1984 on all of us aside, there is a legitimate need for strategy for getting your 69616_4564885768696_1099131925_nmaterial on the screens of customers and readers.


The most notable problem in all of this is – what if you don’t have the creativity or time to generate your own content? Isaiah Janes’ latest project could be a viable solution to this dilemma. Janes’ site Uphandle is essentially an online market place which connects professional bloggers, brands, and startups to influencers that can review them


Uphandle serves as a forum where professional bloggers can offer their services, at ratez they set, and can pick jobs they are well-suited for from an extensive list of postings. People, companies, or brands are given a place where they can find the right blogger that can generate the kind of content that engages customers and adds value to the project at hand.


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Uphandle offers a win-win proposition to both bloggers and the folks who seek their services. In addition to being mutually beneficial for everyone involved the site empowers bloggers by letting them:

  • Create a professional profile
  • Set their own rates
  • Highlight their area of expertise (branding for branders)
  • Power to accept, reject, and negotiate offers


It also allows bloggers to track and manage their workload and associated revenue through a “sales management panel”. This level of empowerment may initially come off as favoriting bloggers, but in reality it recognizes that giving writers Screenshot at Feb 19 01-41-46control over the work they put out there translates into higher quality content, which is the real end goal of this whole endeavor.


Getting press can seem like a daunting task, and to be fair without a service like Uphandle it can be, but having this platform puts some logistics in place and breaks down services into specified categories so you can easily identify the right author for the job. Getting a review for a book, product, service, or a blog has never been easier. Uphandle is still in beta but has already changed the game in terms of getting your name out there. Track the latest updates on Uphandle by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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