Billy Cosby Is Smiling Somewhere About This

I know most of you are not even thinking about ugly Christmas sweaters because Christmas is super far away and you’re currently sweating through the last days of summer, but today I have a startup that just makes me giggle and therefore felt the need to share it:


ugly christmas sweater


It’s exactly what you think it is.

Ugly Christmas sweaters made a hipster comeback a couple of years ago and then a wider comeback when ironic clothing started getting cool in places other than Brooklyn. While the super cool city kids seemed to have mostly moved on from the trend, the rest of the country is still throwing ugly sweater parties every yuletide time.


If you’re like most people these days, you probably find yourself frantically searching for the perfect ugly sweater as soon as December rolls around. I’ve seen the lack of ugly sweater-induced anxiety in a few friends in recent years and I have to say: It’s ugly. Don’t get caught running from Salvation Army to Goodwill to Urban Outfitters – take care of it now on the Ugly Christmas Sweater website.


ugly christmas sweaters sale


The site offers standard ugly Christmas sweaters that your grandma totally rocked un-ironically – a nice quilted Santa Claus holding hands with Mrs. Claus or some cute little reindeer romping around. They also have classic sweaters that would be at home on any ski slope from the 1960s up ’til now, grown-up sweaters with humping reindeer or other naughty images and messages, and sweaters for both genders.


Basically, they have a little something for everyone from grandma to your pervy uncle to your conservative-but-still-trying-to-be-cool cousin.


If you have a little time today or are just looking for a fun distraction, head over to and browse around to see if you can find your perfect Billy Cosby Christmas sweater. Buy it now and you’ll never be caught without one again.


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