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TwentyTweet On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?



Trying to determine the value of your Twitter activity shouldn’t require the use of magic mirrors. You need simple and powerful tools that gather data and allow you to measure your performance against your competitors. You want to be heard above the rest throughout your social networking kingdom. TwentyTweet has opened a window into the realm that lets you put fantasy aside and enjoy enlightened analytic rule.


TwentyTweet is a Twitter monitoring tool, an “ego tracking” service that follows your social media activity and provides analytic insight into your effectiveness. Keep a running record of your Twitter activity and maintain real-time developing analysis of your media campaigns.





Of course one of the best ways to gauge the effectiveness of your social media campaigns is to compare yourself with the competition. Using official APIs of other services primarily, TwentyTweet collects data from other Twitter accounts you wish to measure up against. By keeping an eye on who else is either gaining or losing the most followers, who has the highest percentage of reTweets, it becomes easier to hone, strategies, learn from the competition, and to orchestrate more efficient campaigns.


Perfect Vision

Named in the spirit of 20/20 vision and the initial, interface limit of 20 responses for developers, TwentyTweet helps focus both short and long term perspective of social media data. Aggregated metrics present a full picture of influence across the web, making it easier to see which services earn the best results, how they interact and more.


Here is a list of some of TwentyTweet’s best measuring features:

  • Number of retweets per day
  • Who’s sharing what, how much do other services and platforms account for your activity
  • Customized pie charts reflecting accumulated data
  • Number of tweets per day
  • Live charts for export to blogs, websites, and excel sheets
  • Create groups of your followers to make comparisons
  • View of the most and least successful tweets





Smart Data

“We believe TwentyTweet brings a new era of online marketing, in which businesses don’t have to explain why they are better. They can show it,” says Liran Rorlich, co-founder and Marketing Manager. Gathering data is useful, seeing information in an easy-to-comprehend and sharable format all the better.





The customized charts make it easy to stand behind your efforts, whether trying to convince a blog audience or business partners (or even yourself). They offer a clear representation that communicates your abilities in different fields – tailoring information to reflect your reach in politics, media, entertainment, tech, stocks or any other domain. Widgets that export interactive, live charts wherever they’re needed, give users a powerful brand-building tool. Co-founder and CEO, Gilles Barnier adds, “The visual information that we provide can be understood instantly, and it can improve decision making at several levels.”





How You Stack Up

The pricing for TwentyTweet depends upon the number of Twitter accounts you want monitored. Signing up one account is free – useful for observing your own action, but not sufficient for making comparisons. The next step up, tracking two Twitter accounts, runs $10 a month. The premium accounts hold statistics up to a year, monitoring activity every day, around the clock. For full pricing information – to begin understanding how your number of followers, tweets, and retweets positions you with your rivals – visit





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