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Trialfire Has Achieved The Impossible: Making User Tracking Sexy

Raise your hand if you love Google Analytics. Okay, you super techies can go geek out over code together but the rest of you, listen up: I have an analytics tool that’s, you know, actually intuitive and usable.



Check it out in this video:



It’s called Trialfire and I have to say – I’m impressed. I look at a lot of websites (and almost as many analytics tools) every day and if there’s one thing it’s hard to make sexy, it’s tracking user actions. Even saying it is like, ugh, not hot. “Tracking user actions,” yeah, I’m going to have to pass on that.


But the problem is, tracking user actions is actually really important to the success of your business. I’ve talked about it before but I’ll say it again: the biggest disadvantage that online businesses have in comparison to brick and mortar shops is that we can’t easily see what our customers are doing in real time.


A high end clothing store owner knows what pieces customers pick up and discard but a high end clothing website has a harder time tracking customer browsing patterns. Therefore, it’s much easier for the brick and mortar store to know how to rearrange their stock (and what products really just need to go) than it is for the digital store.


And if you’re not even selling a product that would wind up in a virtual “checkout,” i.e. a SaaS product, it gets even more difficult to figure out what’s working and what isn’t.


Get it?

Up until recently, that is. Trialfire has created a way for even the not-tech-savvy folks out there to track what their customers are doing. Once you’ve signed up for Trialfire, all you have to do is go into “pin mode” on your website. From there you can place tracking pins on all of the areas you want to track. Simply click on the spot on your site, name the pin, and Trialfire will track any actions.


pin mode


You can also see exactly what you’re tracking just by looking at your site, as the “pins” stay there, much like on a digital map.


A Techie Team (so you don’t have to be)

It makes sense that Trialfire is head and shoulders above other analytics apps, as founders Michael Lieberman (CEO) and Max Kremer (CTO) are not new to the game. Their last venture, Datastay, was acquired by Autodesk in 2011 and is now the Autodesk PLM360 product.


trialfire team


With an accumulated 20 years (10 each) of building SaaS solutions under their belts, they left Autodesk a year ago to tackle a problem that had continued to frustrate them time and time again: those tricky customer actions. The result is Trialfire and I’ll say it again: I’m impressed.


Trialfire is currently in early beta, and recently hit a major milestone by collecting their first 1 Million events. While still in beta, they’re offering free unlimited use of Trialfire, so check it out now at Once they go live, Trialfire will offer a free plan as well as several additional pricing options to suit the needs of any size company.


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