TravelVegas: Las Vegas Deals And Coupons.
(Just Remember, What Happens In Vegas…)


Some people go to Vegas to get married on the fly by people dressed up like the King of Rock-n-Roll, some people go for the crazy stage shows that are unlike any others in the world. Some people go for the thrill of potentially doubling their life savings and, let’s be honest, some people go for the strippers.


Whatever your motivation for heading over to the City of Sin, you’re going to have to do some planning. This is, without a doubt, the absolute worst part of taking a vacation and, honestly, one of the main reasons I never do it. Who can deal with spending hours on the computer, jumping from website to website and never knowing if you got the best deal?





But fear not! We’ve got the website for you! TravelVegas is an extensive, exhaustive website that will guide you through every step of the process, from booking the cheapest ticket and the hotel that best suits your needs to how to spend your evenings.


What happens in Vegas…

Vegas is chock full of things to do and it can definitely be overwhelming. Lucky for you, the landing page of TravelVegas has a strip of tabs right across the top that includes “Attractions,” “Nightlife,” and “Dining.”


Want a little sampling of what they have to offer? Check out the Las Vegas Mob Experience for a little old school crime family history or head on over to CSI: The Experience if you want a peek at the other side of crime. And getting from place to place is easy to figure out, because there’s a searchable and easily navigable map right there on the website.





Or maybe you’re more interested in seeing the world without ever leaving the States. Vegas has a re-creation of the Eiffel Tower, Venetian canals complete with authentic gondola rides, and even an aquarium with an Atlantis theme. (Okay, I know that last one isn’t a real place, but you get the idea!)


Fuel up!

All that world traveling is going to work up an appetite, so click over to the Dining tab and feast your eyes on all of your options. Here you’ll find a list of hundreds of restaurants with food from all over the world. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s a strip on the left which pulls out the best of the best under “Featured Restaurants.” Personally, I’m salivating over Koi, a high-end Japanese restaurant with specialty rolls and noodles but if you’re more of an all-American type, check out Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ and Beer.





Oh, and it’s mobile!

That’s just a quick overview of the many, many things the TravelVegas site has to offer but probably the most exciting element of this startup is its app, a new version of which just came out this month. The app includes deals for hotels, discounts on shows, credits in casinos, HD video, and bargains that are available right there at your fingertips and the built in map makes it easy to navigate your way around the city.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your badass Vegas vacation! And now that you know about TravelVegas, you’ve got absolutely no excuse not to go.



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