Top Alternatives Makes Finding The Right Tools For Your Website A Breeze


There are literally thousands of tools and services to help grow your online business. Awesome, right? Except, trying to find what tools are best to fit the needs of your website can be confusing, time-consuming and downright difficult. That’s where TopAlternatives comes in – with over 250 tools for your website.


Website Tools Win

From website building to SEO optimization to design and mobile – Top Alternatives has gathered 258 of the best tools online focused on making your website more automated, to drive more traffic, create more conversions (i.e. more customers!), improve customer interaction and scale your business.





Top Alternatives helps you discover what’s working and what’s not for your website and offers a comprehensive list of tools (ranked by popularity using Alexa’s traffic ranking) including:


  • Building a Website– like: buying premium domain names and website builders for e-commerce.
  • Customer Feedback– like: live chat customer support and help desk software for customer support.
  • Design– like: landing pages for mobile apps and finding stock photos and images
  • Mobile– like: Google Analytics iphone apps
  • Optimization– like: tracking time worked and creating invoices and embedding surveys into your website.
  • Selling Digital Products– like: screencasting software
  • SEO– like: SEO plugins for WordPress and detailed backlink info
  • Social Media– like: social incentives for e-commerce
  • Video Marketing– like: video submission services
  • WordPress– like: convert-to-mobile plugins for WordPress


Basically, all the best website tools you can ask for in one place. You want to find the most popular or latest tools? Top Alternatives have gathered those for you too. I would definitely call that a website tool-finding win!


Top Design

The design of the site is clean, simple and super easy to navigate. The tool categories are large, with the option to search specific tools to the left. The most popular tools are clearly displayed under the tool categories and list of the latest tools can be found at the bottom-left.


When you click on a category you can sort tools by popularity, price and recommended and then view the top tools with a brief pricing description to the right and link to that site. Easy peasy.





The great design of Top Alternative’s site might have something to do with the creator’s credentials, and is just another reason why this is a top tool-finding site.


The Guy Behind the Design

Top Alternatives’ main man is Austin-based Matthew Averkamp, an Internet Marketing Strategist who created the site to help website owners find all the latest and greatest tools and software to grow their online business.





Matthew has been creating websites and developing long-term strategies for driving traffic with a focus on automation and scalability for nearly ten years; this guy knows website tools. Lucky for you, he put his expertise to use to create Top Alternatives to make your website-enhancing life easier.


I’m currently trying to make a website and it turns out writing about technology is not the same as building it. Strange. Thank goodness I know about Top Alternatives now, so I can find exactly the right tools to ease my website-building woes. For the rest of you online business owners, this is a site that seriously helps. Make sure to check it out.


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